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Easy way to sight in a new gun


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Other than using a bore laser or a weapon mounted laser to "put the shot on paper" or using a benchrest, Im thinking the easiest (and maybe cheapest) way is to try "spotting" the shooter. In other words, depending on the target distance, consider having the non-shooter looking for any hits via binoculars. From there, the non-shooting "spotter" can give the shooter verbal feedback on which direction to aim. Once solid target acquisition is made, adjust the sights as necessary...assuming, as stated earlier, your sights have such capability.


Of course, if the target is a good distance away, consider moving it closer...then farther out in increments. Something along the lines of 5, 10, 15, and 25 yards. This, of course, would be good for patterning the shotty using buckshot. For slugs, maybe go 15, 25, 50, etc., depending on the max yardage the gun range allows for.


These are only suggestions and the yards may vary based on certain factors. Either way, putting shots on paper shouldnt be too hard with a shotgun. Try using large, easily visible targets as this might help to "catch" off-center hits.

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my dad just bought a new M2. we took it to the range and shot some shells. he was not hitting and we couldnt see were he was missing. just wondering if there is a easy way to see where the gun is shooting.


Thank You

What kind of "some shells" were you shooting and at what distance?


What kind of target were you using?

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You need to shoot paper, or at the very least, water.

Rifles don't always shoot where the laser points, so a shotgun has little to no chance of being lined up properly with one.


Shoot from a natural position - no benches - no aiming with one eye closed.

The shotgun is made to point as an extension one's self. Without being properly setup for a natural point and shoot, it will never satisfy you.

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