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7th round in full length tube


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I didn't want to jack a post, so I thought I would start a new topic.

I have never been able to get 7 rounds in my M4. Only 6. I have Federal Tru-ball Slugs, Federal 00 Buck, and Wolf 00 Buck here. I also have tried the dummy ammo, again, only 6 rds. The closest I have come to 7rds. is with the Federal, it was close but not quite enough.

I have socomguys full length tube and the SRM performance follower and spring.

Can anybody give me any insight into why I cannot seem to get a 7th round in my tube?

Thanks in advance,

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Guest cleefurd

The first thing I'd check is the thickness of the replacement follower's face, which may be hard to check, but suspect if too thick. Try the OEM spring and follower, if they allow 7, then alternate in the spring or follower. Process of elimination basically. The problem is almost certainly NOT with SocomGuy's tube, since the capacity can't be diminished by it due to the barrel band providing a "set" point in space for the retention nut.

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Ya, I never figured the tube, I thought it might be the follower, but it appeared to be the same size as the stock Benelli follower. I am gonna bust it down this weekend and Mike it all against the stock components and see what I come up with.

I have never heard anything negative about the surecycle stuff, but I just wanted to throw it out there and see if anybody else was coming up with the same issue by chance. Just spoke with Cleefurd via email and I will be ordering a couple springs today. Thanks cleefurd.

Thanks for the info guys.

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I wonder what the ramifications (if any) of shortening the follower's piston skirt .125 - .250" would be on the follower's performance/loading ability..........and/or removing material from the spring retainer's skirt to increase installed travel?



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M1014 shall speak,,some ammo cases are longer than others even if they all say 2-3/4,,use the stock little red follower,on my M1014 I had to take out that silly cap under the magtube cap that comes with the M1014,,and after all that I had to get the shorter case Remingtom ammo,,now I can get seven in the -tube,, the moral of the story is space,,need to create space in the tube

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How much extra room do you have after loading the 6th round and not getting the 7th in?

Either your follower is binding up on a coil, or your spring is too long. Order a spring from one of the guys on this web site or get a Benelli spring from Brownells. Get a good set of cutters and start chopping the spring. If you screw it up you've got a new one.


The only reason the length of the follower would matter is if it is hanging on a coil or it is long enough to bottom it out. I find it hard to believe the follower could be long enough to stuff the entire spring in it.

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