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I think storing in cases can get you into trouble quickly. I have seen guns packed in cases with silicone gun socks rust like crazy. I think this is because if you lock your gun in a case without any moisture control you are taking whatever moisture was around and keeping it close to your gun, obviously not a great idea.


If you must store your gun in a case I would recommend a light coat of oil on everything and keeping the lid slightly open so the air can circulate. This is basically Duggan's closet approach, it works because the air humidity in residences is usually low (winter about 15-25% and in the summer the AC can take care of a good amount of moisture) and some circulation keeps any moisture from concentrating on your gun.


However I do think a better way (especially if there are curious kids around) is to lightly oil it and put it in a safe with your favorite moisture control so that the humidity in the safe stays low (Tucker's approach).

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CLP on the steel parts. Reapply CLP every few months. Stored leaning against the side of my closet, where it is cool and ... well, I don't know if it's dry in there, but it doesn't rust so whatever.
Closet,,closet,,your still in the closet,,get out of there,,,all that knowledge and your still in the closet,,get a room and a good safe,,,
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Closet,,closet,,your still in the closet,,get out of there,,,all that knowledge and your still in the closet,,get a room and a good safe,,,


Har har har, simmer down old man. I'll get a good safe when I get a good place ... right now it's not realistic or really a priority. I'd love to have one, but it would be nearly impossible to move one to my current room, and the probability of a robbery occurring here, them getting through all the other people, then into my room and finding my guns ... is pretty slim.


In other words, I can't afford the one I want and it won't fit into my current room, so shut up and leave me alone with my weak excuses.



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I say that, with a light coat of quality oil (I use Weapon Shield) and "stored" within a climate controlled environment, you shouldnt have too many issues.


Now, if stored within any enclosed area (safe), Id recommend using a de-humidifier of some type or a dessicant(s). For all of my safe stored weapons I use dessicants. For my shotty, which is stored sans safe, I simply keep a light coat of WS applied to any "critical" areas.


Either way, its best to check the weapon every month or so (at least), just to keep tabs on any possible problem areas.


If stored for long periods of time (ie. many, many months or even years), might I suggest using a VCI bag. Here is the link for what I have been using:




I have kept a revolver (without any oil applied) inside one of these VCI bags for about a year now and have seen absolutely no evidence of oxidation.

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