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I have a SBE 1 that always gives me problem when the air temp is below 45 degrees. It cycles vary vary slow. the shell then don't go all the way up and misfires. So I bought a sure cycle, helped a little but still having problems. I clean the gun all the time. When I get done cleaning it there is no oil on it because I herd that Benelli needs to be dry when clean. the oil gets thicker and full of grit wich gives the gun problems. I shoot 3" BB and 31/2 BB that go 1550 fps so they are not light loads.What do I need to do.

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Did you ever get this fixed? I have the EXACT same problem. In temps under 45 degrees, the bolt sticks about 1/3 of the way to closed. The flipper pushes the next shell up, but the bolt is so slow it can't slam the new shell into the chamber. It is NOT a problem with the recoil spring on my gun, this has been addressed. Its also not a problem with a bad mount. I've tried heavy shells shot from a rock solid mount and still get the problem. The gun is very clean, but not lubed at all. Its about a 9 yr old SBE 1.

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Do not run the gun dry.


Apply a single drop of oil to the rails and to other critical contact points like the bolt group, trigger group pivot points, and ejector plate.


Do not use Remoil. It's about the worst gun lube there is, second only to WD-40.


Have you disassembled and cleaner the bolt group and the magazine components?

If not, then do so.

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Tucker is correct:


You will need to lightly lube the bolt rails. Synthetic oil will reduce congeal at low temps. Your recoil spring assembly will need to be very clean and properly lubed as well when encountering cold weather.


When cleaning your receiver group I like to use gun scrub to blow out all of the residue prior to lubing. When encounter cold weather these steps are critical.


You mentioned you are shooting BB's. These shells are very prone to having a pellet not lay properly in the hull. This will cause shells to enter the chamber that do not insert into your benelli's tightly bored chamber properly.


Here is a method to check your shells:


remove you barrel from you gun, hold the barrel chamber up. Drop a shell into the chamber, if your shells do not drop all the way in or fall all the way our you are changing the dynamics of the inertia recoil system. This becomes critical when encounter cold weather when the enertia systems tends to slow down.

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