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M4 pistol grip


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I came across a collapsible stock for about $50. all I needed to do was pick up a pistol grip for it. I bought one and it looks just like the one in any of the pictures I have seen but it won't screw on. It is a Benelli factory part (70082). Anyone know if I am missing something? It looks exactly the same as all the pictures but I can't figure out why it won't screw on. I would appreciate it if anyone has any input.



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It is only the grip that will not screw on(the buttstock fits perfectly)but I found on Gunparts corporation a piece called "Stock retaining screw" but there is no picture so I am not sure if that is what I need or not

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Guest cleefurd

When examining a stand alone M4 pistol grip...

There should be an injection molded cavity that a slender nut presses into from the action side, which is then captured by a pinned in block that holds an arched spring washer against it (the nut) for compression during tightening.

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Thats it! I need that nut but I guess you have to be LE to buy this so called "law enforcement Piece" Do you think I could find a nut that would work at a hardware store or something? I was able to order the "plate retainer"(70079) and "Plate"(70080). I guess I am out of luck for the nut(70081). Thanks for the help everyone

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