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Have Benelli want to tavel!


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Hey guys,

I wanted to fly to San Antonio Texas (for a little trap and skeet competition as part of a school club) with my M2. I have a case that will make the trip but I have never flown with a gun before so I was looking for some good TSA accepted locks. I did order some from Dicks Sporting goods but when I got them I saw that they were really just suitcase locks not gun case locks.


So my question is do you know of any place to get some good "fly-friendly" gun case locks?


Thanks :)

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When I flew from California to Missouri I bought a fairly inexpensive aluminum case that had large enough holes to accept the smaller Master locks. Any lock is really there to keep the honest person honest and will not stop a determined thief.


As for TSA, just be sure the case is unopened for inspection and there is no ammo in that case. Any ammo must be shipped in a seperate locked case and there are restrictions on what kind and how much. All that info is available on the airline's web site.


Once the case has been accepted by TSA they will allow you to lock the case before they take posession of it. Just be sure you have an ID tag and the airport destination tag affixed to the case before you depart the check station.


The airlines are pretty good about handling your baggage (that includes gun cases) like a bunch of gorrilas so be sure the gun is secured inside that case and can't get to the edges and you'll be good to go.

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The TSA allows you to carry ammo in the same case as the weapon. I have flown United Airlines many times with my unloaded pistol and the ammo in the same case. As a matter of fact the ammo is in a magazine which in turn is in a mag pouch in the locked pistol case. I have flown once with a shotgun (again United Airlines) and carried shells in the locked case. The ammo cannot be loose but in an approved container refer to this TSA link:



And as it advises some airlines do have stricter rules.




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I would agree completely with Tucker on shipping via UPS. I have mailed guns this way before and never had a problem, and it would sure take the whole airport security thing right out of the equation.


My luck if I tried to bring the gun through the airport security, even if I did everything right they would propabley confiscate it and never have to use for the trip.


I once had a keychain with a deer horn on it conficated in Dallas Ft.Worth airport right after 911, idiots thought the deer horn was petrified finger or some crazy thing like that.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.


Funny story as it turns out we are going to drive it...the university will give us 50.5 cents per mile to drive 2400 miles roundtrip over a percentage of an airline ticket, thats bureaucracy for you I guess. But that does cut out pesky airport security and the additional cost of mailing all in one fell swoop.


I didnt know what the scene was at airports anymore, I havent flown since before 911 and I have never flown with a gun before so I just try to do the right thing. :)

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