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Benelli Tactical Sights

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I've used both and prefer the GR for my needs... but I'd try both if possible.


It's not so much a case of one being "better" than the other, but which works best for your friends eyes. How he processes what he sees... and which allows a more rapid and accurate sight picture for him.



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What makes ghosts better for HD than rifle sights? Seems like it would be a tad slower since you have to peep through a circle, no?


I'm deciding this issue now, so I'd appreciate ANY opinions.



I prefer the ghost rings. To me they seem like 2nd nature. Now would I bird hunt with them?? probably not

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I thought I read at some point that the eye/brain has an easier time aligning circles that rectangles. However being that 90% of non-optic weapons use the blade/notch type site, that may be the most familiar hence easiest to use.

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