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Cartidge Drop Lever


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The biggest function for me is that it allows a shell to go from the magazine to the chamber without firing. On the M2 if you just pull back the bolt handle a round does not come from the magazine unless you press the CDL, this allows you to replace the shell in the chamber without disturbing the magazine.

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The lever is a by-product of something else.


Its function is a manual alternative to the more used and desirable feature that allows the shooter to remove one round from the chamber and replace it with another one from outside the gun, while leaving the magazine intact.


Where this comes in handy is when the shooter needs to make a quick change of shot size.

For example, being in a duck blind and suddenly having a goose flying in, the shooter can open the bolt and remove the chambered smaller shot, swapping in a larger shot size quickly.


Where we duck hunt, there's always a decent chance of having a deer come within range. I keep a couple of rounds of hevi-shot T's in my pocket for such occasions.

I don't go out of my way to shoot small bucks or does, but if a wallhanger tried to run over me, I prefer to have those T's available instead of steel 3's.


Also, since the magazine rounds stay in the magazine until the gun is discharged or the drop lever is pushed, it's easy to quickly make the gun safe by removing the chambered round.

Comes in handy in upland hunting when crossing creeks, fences, or other obstacles, as well in many other forms of hunting.

Any time you need to quickly and efficiently unload the gun to prevent an accidental discharge, the feature makes it available.

The drop lever is simply a means of bypassing that normal function.

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