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Will the VINCI replace the M4


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Hi All,


I recently acquired a new M4. I have not shot it yet.


Now that the Vinci is released, do you see it replacing the M4 in the near future? If so, I might sell the M4 now and wait for the "tactical" Vinci to be released.


If the consensus is that the M4 is not close to obsolescence, then I'll shart shooting it this weekend!



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It's more likely that the Vinci vil replace the M2 as their specs and prices are about the same.


I'd be with you on that. The M4 was bred first and formost for war, so none of the other shotguns here are even in that league. It can't replace the SBE2 without a 3.5" capability. It is lightweight but I dont think that without being a little lighter and come with a wood option it replaces the ultralight/cordoba. Being hunting over sporting that leaves it with the M2. I dont know that it will end up replacing it I guess it depends on how popular it is. I love my M2 and to me the Vinci just isn't that much better that I would rush out and buy one.

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