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What would you most like to see invented for the M4 to get good with 922r?

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What would you like to see for the M4 that would assist in getting your M4 in the good with 922r??



I was one of the lucky few to grow up with a father that owned 2 machine shops,also, my father is a very skilled, old school, Tool & Die maker. He has since retired, and sold both of his shops. However, we have a 1800sq ft shop between us. It is set up with the usual. Mills, grinders, lathes, ect, and all the support equp to back them up.



I have moderate skill as regards to the trade, but ZERO creative sense.


Between the both of us, we stay pretty busy with all our personal projects. Firearms, tractors, quads, cars, ect.

However, I feel like I need to "contribute". I would really like to put out something that, while simple, could really help my friends here. Something relatively small, and simple to produce.

also, a few extra $$ never hurts.






What would you most like to see invented for your M4?? Mag follower? Something inside the trigger group??


Bear in mind that we dont have mass production, nor any CAD equip.

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Guest cleefurd
Not sure how easy it would be, but gas pistons would be nice.

May not be as difficult as some of the other parts.


Plus, it may actually count as two parts for 922®


They [gas piston(s)] are a single line item, but no more than 10 lines may remain in the final ensemble. The gas pistons are fairly simple to machine, the trick is material selection, proper metallurgy, heat treat and tempering, followed by an O.D. grind to proper RMS finish for precision fit. Even Benelli's own pistons had a tendency to mushroom on the end before the gas port revisions (from 4 to 2 ports). Too hard and they shatter or chip, too soft and they wear pre-maturely and fail to self clean on top of the previously mentioned mushrooming where they impact the bolt carrier during cycling. We have made a few, and succeeded at surpassing OEM spec's on a domestic version. They will be part of a package that includes the follower,disconnector and trigger to help round out items that users may already own like mag tubes etc. The project is on the back burner while we try and catch up on our Titanium full length magazine tube back orders, as well as pending release of two other M4 related items scheduled to hit our store next month.


Long story short... the pistons are a good focal point for compliance, building them as good as or better than OEM has been the "nitty" of the "gritty".

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Guest cleefurd
How about the magazine tube cap? The one you screw onto the magazine near the muzzle? I will think it should be considered magazine floor plate and counts as one 922r part?


I almost scoffed/heckled... then realized it DOES do the same job. Interesting. Its a nut/cap and not a floor-plate though, I fear "they" would argue... but could they??? Sounds like a good riddle, that has merit.

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Forgive me I am new here and I know that this topic has been covered ad infinitum, but if you replace the original 5 round mag (10)(numbering from second ATF letter) with a US made full length 7 round mag tube and the original follower (11) with a US made follower. Wouldn't this bring you down below the "no more than 10 imported parts" issue? It looks like from this ATF letter that they consider the M4 to only have 11 imported parts. I have seen similiar letters on other forums also stating that the ATF only considers the M4 to only have 11 imported parts. So replacing the follower and mag with US made parts even though it no longer complies with the import laws, should be considered legal. Even with the pistol grip stock that it comes with, since that is considered parts numbers (7) and (8) above. Maybe I am over simplfying things here, but that's what it seems to say.


So taking the list above and starting with 11 imported parts, you replace 1 magazine and 1 follower with US made parts. Leaving you an M4 with 9 imported parts and 2 US made parts. Then logically it should be legal even with the standard option pistol grip stock parts (7) and (8), even though the mag is more than 5 rounds.


It sounds like from 922® that it would be illegal to reassemble, from more than 10 imported parts, a gun that could not be legally imported. But it is legal to "reassemble" an imported gun, with US made parts, that does not comply with the import laws, as long as it does not consist or more than 10 imported parts. Again, maybe I am just missing something but thats what it seems the law says.


Do people disagree with this letter that the M4 has more than 11 imported parts and that there are more?

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