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New Guy Here


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Hello Everyone,


Just joined and wanted to say hello!!


I awould like to say that my newly acquired Benelli M1014 Commemerative edition brought me to the site after some searching.


I have to say, Ive got little kid syndrome right now, I found this MINT M1014 at a Army Surplus store while out of town in IN on work, I almost **** myself. It has the American flag, Neutered telestock, and true M1014 Barrel.

Asking price $1349, orginal box, warrnaty card, 3 didgit SN, and sling.




I have a Benelli.HK M3T S90 Ive had for a long time and many GREAT times. As soon as the M4 was released I wanted one, and have searched all over for a M1014 at a decent price NIB or MINT with NO LUCK, unitl NOW. This couldnt have been a better day for me.


Another nice edition I have is the Franchi Diamond 12ga OU. I got tired of being razzed by the old timers in Clays and skeet using my M3, so I finally broke down for a OU. Benelli and its family of firearms are awesome, they proudly sit next to the HK's in the room.


I am looking for some opinions on some accesories.

I have seen the US made FL tube on the site for sale, I will be adding this. I will try to get the full collaspsable stock tube also.

I was looking for some suggestions on a Side Saddle, I wont be getting the MESA, so Side Saddle is my only other choice? I would like something that is side only and a view of the SN if possible.

What are my spring choices for the tube?? Which is the CORRECT one and where to look.

What else? I think I am going to add either an Eotech or Aimpoint IF I choose an optic, but I dont think I will anytime soon.

What other options?

Arrendondo bolt release, tactical bolt latch, jumo head safety? IMO, these items arent needed, well, except the ease of the Bolt release.


On to the next ??? What ammo? I see a few threads on this and the M4 with great info, so Im sticking with High Quality 00 & 000, but for Bird and target, what do you think?


Thanks guys in Advance, I will have pics up when I take delivery at the end of the job. I dont want to house it in the Hotel.

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You did well. You got yours for the price I did for my 11703 5 years ago.


I would caution you to think about your upgrades carefully. This M4 is heavy to begin with. So don't be quick to add a lot of weight.


I'd look into getting the titanium full length magazine tube to reduce the weight.


Look into the telescopic stock. They're outlandishly priced, and they are mediocre at best. Your weapon will need the main spring housing milled or replaced to even accept the collapsible stock.


Night sights are a worthy upgrade.


I'd only consider bolt handles that weigh less than stock.


I like the GGandG bolt release. It is a pain to install though and expensive.


The last time I tried the Mesa shell carrier, they were way too hard to insert or remove the shells. It added a lot of un-needed weight too.


Adding a light to this weapon isn't easy to properly do. My prefered method is a Surefire M80 rail covered in Magpul XTM rail covers. A Surefire X300 mounted via a Larue mount with a picatinny rail mounted switch. Mount the X300 at the front right side of the M80. Route the cable under the XTM panel. Modify the panel so you can route the cable between the picatinny rail gap, to the bottom picatinny rail, go between the rails again and route the cable to the left side rail. You'll need to modify the XTM to allow you to get the cable under the XTM's on the left side. The picatinny mounted switch will then mount towards the front of the M80 here. You'll have access to the switch with your support hand thumb and the amount of exposed wires will be minimal.

Undortunately, only a 7 inch wire is available. So you must conserve wire where you can. An ideal length would be 14 or 16 inches, so you could route the wire under the XTM panel. The side rails are cut so there is a perfect wire channel. Then migrate over at the rear and route the wire back up under the XTM panels to the picatinny switch.

I may cry to Surefire and see if they'll make a custom length wire.


My postal scale says the whole M80 package weighs approximately 15 ounces. Subtract 6 ounces for what the factory handguards weigh, and 5 ounces for what the titanium magazine tube will save you, and you've barely added any weight.


As for optics. I didn't like the EOTech on my M4. It felt too top heavy. I would like to try an Aimpoint T1 on a Larue Mount though.

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Where is the Above Bolt release found and who makes it? I like this better than the GGG actually.


I was thinking of the Titaniu, Tube, But I was under the impression that it is just an extendion, not the FL tube. The M1014 I have is dimpled or has a lip before the extension capturing the spring and washer.


I was thinking of SF M80, But was going to add the TD rail panels and the TD with the pressure switch pocket for flush mount, similar to what I run on my Colt M4's. not a big fan of the Magpul XTM's or ladders, they arent aggrerssive enough for me and the soft touch just doesnt feel right. I am not thinking I am too quick to add all kinds of accesories to it just yet either.


I should have aded that it already has NS installed, they are decently bright still also.



As far as the stock tube goes, I can have it milled or get the 3 pos tube from sources, I already have the stock assy itself.


The weight for me is perfect, although taking some out would be nice, however, I feel this mau take away from its recoil reducing characteristics noticeably.

I can tell the difference in a Glock with a Tungsten GR vs standard.


The 4 will have MANY rounds through it. I love to shoot Shotgun, JUST HATE CLEANING THEM!!!!


I am not jumping to add a optic either yet, to me, an optic just doesnt belong on a shotgun, I have enough time on them to be proficent and their uses are usually CQB type situations where an optic is not needed.


Seriously, I AM GEEKED!!!!!


I have waited a LONG TIME for the M1014, now its finally here and at a ARMY Surplus Store in PRISTINE condition for $1349, just pays to shop around I guess.:eek:


I am still interested in FL carrier and the Bolt Release options, I will search here and see some more info I have missed possibly, Pictures in a bit when I take delivery

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Sounds like you have it squared away. The titanium tube replaces the entire magazine tube from the receiver forward to the magazine cap nut.

Kip sells them on here at his online store and he also lists them on gunbroker. I've had mine on order for about a month. Hopefully it will be here soon. I've been using a factory extension for the past 5 years. The main benefit is weight reduction and strength.

The only negative is it is a bit involved to replace. Nothing horrible, just more complicated than unscrewing the extension. It'll require a heat gun to break the locktite on the receiver. I got a good one at Lowes for 25 bucks.

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