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$50 M4 Collapsible stock, Free M4 included


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I wonder if this would work, lmao!


I'm serious. I wonder if it would fit, and if so, how long it would last before being destroyed under recoil.


ETA: I bet this post hits 200 views before the end of today.


Try it. This is probably where all these new/old stock collapsibles are coming from.

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How old does a kid have to be to buy one of those? They look real enough to get somebody killed or cause a panic (with a little black tape or paint).


You ought to have to be old enough to buy the real thing to get one of those.


I would strongly recommend you evaluate the ramifications of that statement.


In most states you must be 18 to purchase or with Parent/Guardian. And they do get people killed every so often. Cops and robbery victims are constantly shooting airsoft/replica weilding people. I said people and not suspects for a reason. Police respond violently to brandished firearm calls (often lil johnny and his airsoft friends). And robbery victims respond violently to being robbed (often 2pac who cant buy a firearm). This is also why many state have had court rulings against felons with airsoft guns as being felons in control of firearms (even though the laws clearly exclude them from being classified a "firearm").


FYI homies, these judges can bend the rules no matter what your state law says, any lawyer or cop who tells you different is yankin yer chain. But all this ******** aside, Great Britain has stricter airsoft laws than Cali has firearm laws. Justifying these fascist laws against TOY guns (yes once the reals ones are gone, they go after the toys)...with claims of higher robbery rates, etc.


Even moreso with TOYS than firearms, we don't want to use the gen. pops' stupidity as validity to let the government ban/control things. Bad policy.


All Americans have the right to run with scissors!



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