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My M4 Build


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First, thanks to all that responded to my original "New to the M4" thread.


I still am awaiting a few parts, but this is my build after a couple of weeks.


I have more pics, but I'm limited to just 2 per post.


I started off with a stock M4.





Tactical purple towel did not come with the weapon.


Next step was to install the collapsible stock.


I then installed the SideArmor rail system. It was surprisingly light.


I ordered it with two long side rails and a shot shell carrier. Carrier was on a little bit of a backorder, but will be coming soon. It might be a little taller that the stock rail, but the ghost rings are still gtg. Military and LEO discounts are available.


Next on the list was the SureFire x400. It took some looking but I was able to find one.


Installation was a little more tricky than sighting it in. I used the SureFire ladder rails and ran the cord from the xt07 over the top. It took some time with a razor and a Dremel to get it almost right. I still have a little ways to go.




Bandolier in the pic is from Blackhawk.


Still on deck is Kip's ti tube, shotshell carrier, and a some sling adapters. I primarily use Urban E.R.T. for my slings.


Overall I am pretty pleased with the build. There was a little trepidation with the x400, but the controls and results are great. It produces a respectable 110 lumens, and the laser is very bright. I chose to set the xt07 for light and laser. I had also called the company to make sure that it would function as a weapon light for the M4.


I'm not sure what's next if anything. The M4 out of the box is more than enough, but ****, everyone needs a hobby.

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Looks great!


Can you take a picture of how you mounted the switch? It looks like you went under the top rail. Is there any interference when you disassemble and remove the barrel?


When you shoot a lot of rounds, make sure the knob that clamps the barrel clamp to the top rail stays tight. Mine backed off after 200 rounds.


You will like the shell carrier from Sidearmor. My only complaint about it is they didn't melt the edges at all. So it can gouge your plastic hulls. Not really a big deal.


Have you shot it yet at night?


My testing has been put on hold since I'm waiting for the Ti tube also. I sold my factory tube and extension a few weeks ago. I really hope it comes in this week. That, and my LMT piston upper.


I've got around 4500 rounds waiting for it to come in.

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Here ya go: http://www.opticsplanet.net/blackhawk-shotgun-bandoleer-black.html


It was 21 and some change. I do a good deal of ordering through OP. The bandolier has been in and out of stock recently. It is very well made.


infidel, are the shells tight in the bandolier? i have 2 bandoliers from cabelas and the shells are kinda loose. If i ran with em on i feel like the shells might fall out.

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