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SBE II and light loads? will it never eject them or will it get better?

Team Benelli

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don't pay for the 3-1/2's


get some HIGH reving and heavy 2-3/4"


.. or even better


..have someone else do it for ya. :D



each SBE is going to react differently to the "light" loads..


understand- you purchased a gun that was designed to chew HEAVY waterfowl loads.. not nibble at clay targets with 1oz of shot @ 1100fps ;)

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that is my only fear with the gun. If I am going to spend $1400 for a gun then I would like it to shoot everything. I know that the recoil system is set up for 3.5" but I shoot a lot of 2.750". a lot of people say that theirs will cycle 7/8 loads but not everyone. I don't know if they can build a smiauto that will fire any loads. but I hope that someone will.

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What amazes me about these "light load" posts, and there have been plenty of them, is the fact that people are buying a gun designed to shoot the heaviest loads there are, yet they seem to insist on putting pellet gun loads through them.

If you want a pellet gun, go buy one.

If you want the best friggin magnum autoloader on the market, then buy the Eagle; and feed it a proper diet.


[ 03-05-2005, 01:26 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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