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Benelli Gun Lubes(Corrison X / EEZOX)


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I use Eezox and I recommend it. The most I like about Eezox is that it does a great job preventing rust. I also like that while it lubricates the finish it is dry to touch.


I mainly use Eezox on my Remington 870 Express, because its receiver is famous of rusting very easily. A layer of Eezox cures the rusting concern.


However, our Benelli's are very well made so rusting is not as much a concern. My Benelli M1 is almost a decade old, and it is rust-free without using Eezox. Still, when I got my Benelli M4, I sprayed a layer of Eezox on it just for the peace of mind.


The only minor watch-out about Eezox is that when applying it, it stinks much (the smell goes away after it is dried.) Better do it in the garage or in an open environment.


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My m4 gets surface rust on it all the time if I use it and put it away without reoiling every few months.


Not a big deal ... but it will rust, for sure.


Then again, I've managed to rust literally every single gun I've ever owned ... even my glock developed surface rust on the slide, and it is supposed to NEVER rust pretty much.


NY's humid air + keeping guns on the nightstand next to my window + 2 fans pulling humid air constantly through my room + working nights and thus having the cool damp air pour into my room when I'm up at 6 AM = I rust metal objects like a pro if I don't keep them well oiled.

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