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I know I have bought to many guns this year (5 including this one) but I found a deal on a 40 cal glock in perfect condition and a spare mag. I paid $400 for it and it is the 15 round model. I don't really know a lot about pistols and I want to know is it a good pistol and was it a good deal. I am thinking about putting a lazer sight and flash light on it so if anybody has any suggestions for any good but not needles accessories I would love to hear them.

Here she is:


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Looks like a Model G22, a pretty old version at that. Can't recall when they went to the finger groove model, but it was many years ago.


I can get the newest version of the G22 with the rough texture for $499 on sale at most places. Cost is around $440+- for many dealers. Probably less for some larger dealers.


Of course, the Cali guns come with 2 x 10 round mags :(

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I'd say you did OK. The Glock in 40cal was one of the finalists in my search. I ended up with a SigSauer P226 which i am happy with. From your photo it does not look like you have the newer version with the integral rail. I'm not sure how you would mount a flashlight. I have read rumors on some of the Glock pistol blogs that some models do not like light mounts and will cycle erratically when one is mounted. One poster insisted the cycling problem persisted even after removing the light. It was a Glock brand light and mount. They did say it appeared to be a rare problem with specific pistols and a quick trip back to Glock resolved the problem. Take this info with a grain of salt but it probably warrants further research.


I have the Tritium night sights on my Sig and that is probably the best upgrade in my opinion. I'm considering a light and laser as well. Laser preference is currently Crimson Trace. I looked at the Lasermax Guide Rod lasers at a recent gun show and several vendors waved me off. That may be a make and model specific recommendation. On Sigs the Guide Rods seem to be praised on the 226 but plagued by problems on the 229. What convinced me against the guide rod style was one vendor that said; "if the Crimson Trace Laser breaks you still have a great set of grips, if the guide rod laser breaks you'll need to remove the slide with a hammer!" The TLR1(Light Only) & TLR2 (Laser + Light) from Streamlight appear to be popular choices for Sigs.

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How do you plan to mount a light? It doesn't look like it has an accessory rail. Surefire doesn't make an addon for the older Glocks. Plus, the addon rail is 75 to 125 dollars.


I don't think it is worth the cost to build it up in this manner honestly. You'll encounter serious holster issues even if you do find a mount.


As for weapon light and laser choices, I've used almost all of them. Much of the time as a State side Government Security Contractor. For lights alone, the Surefire X300 and X400 are the best. Both are the same light, the X400 adds the laser to the package.


For just lasers, Crimson Trace Laser Grips are great. They served me well since 2002 till this year here in the Mojave outdoors. When I felt they were done, I sold them for 175 dollars. So I lost 75 dollars over 7 years of use.


However, the CTC grips are nice, they can cause issues when combined with a weapon light. The X300 and X400 series have the option of a remote activation switch that routes a momentary activation pad to the base of the trigger guard against the grip. Newer CTC grips often use a momentary on button in this same location. So they will not work together well.


Given this, the X400 is the best choice. You operate the light and the laser via the same momentary switch. All other weapon light systems have not developed this method of activation. You're forced to manipulate switches or buttons with your support hand. With the remote switch, the light/laser activation is ambidextrous and can be operated one handed. You can open doors, search for light switches, gr***** with a-holes and still have momentary control. Any other system, you're left with light on or off while your support hand is busy. Or, dangerously try to manipulate the controls with your trigger finger.


Next issue is a holster. Finding a holster that will accept a weapon with the light attached is no easy feat. I have a great maker that will make anything you need though.


Raven Concealment Holsters



Overall, it is not cheap to properly outfit a weapon to function at all times of the day. You're looking at 375 for the x400. 90 for the remote switch. 90 for the holster. If you can live without the laser, you can get an X300 for 185 or so. eBay has the best deals.


Hope this helps you some.

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The Glock is a dependable, reliable, ugly ass gun. :eek: The Sig P226 is much nicer (and unfortunately more expensive). I have a P226 but turn to my Kimber Pro CDP more than anything. That being said....your Glock is a fine pistol that will not fail you in the heat of the moment.

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