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Need a Benelli M4 Collapsible stock!


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Sneakerfreak, I also need that benelli 7 + 1 extension tube if you know where I can get one.


I am really in fear of zombies with oct 31 coming up!


SOCOMguy can get you one in 1-2 weeks reliably. Kip can get you a lighter, corrosion-proof one for $40 or so more, but the wait-time is variable. From what I have seen machining on both is great, but I have only seen pix of SOCOMguy's tubes. Kip's Ti tube is machined approximately to aerospace tolerance specs.

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Unobtanium, do you have an email for Socomguy, and kip? I'm new and I'm having a hard time locating them. Do you know if the tube are original benellis?

Do you know where I can find a new M4 collapsible stock?

Thanks for your help.


I am in the market for a collapsible M4S90 stock as well and am thus in direct competition with you for that resource.


However, I am more than happy to help you with the tubes.

www.carriercomp.com is Kip's website and will provide different contact methods for you to use. Kip is very busy, be forewarned.


This is a thread/page in which you can find SOCOMguy's information:



They are not OEM, both are superior to OEM.

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