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If you look closly, you can see the protrusion on the front of the bolt handle....


I think this is what keeps it from going in far enought to catch...


When you say "protrusion" do you mean this:



If so thats normal. The only thing I can say is make sure you are lining that up with the slot on the bolt. If you are then I think its a ball issue and you can try removing the detent to see if you can spot anything obviously wrong. Failing that Benelli CS might be the answer.

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My buddy pulled the bolt handle outa his SBE and when we compared it to mine, it was slightly longer, so seems that the bolt handle on my M2 is indeed to short! New one on the way! Ugh, hate waiting as I'm yet to fire a round thru the new M2!!!


Dont worry, it will be worth it. It's sad to me that a short bolt handle would have gotten so far without being noticed...o well. The M2 is an amazing shotgun you won't be disappointed.

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