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hey techy guys need your help!!!

texas skeeter

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funny story?? i called a guy on AR15.com a JACKARSS in which he was, and they banned me and him for good. no warning or temp ban, permanant!! just seems EVERYONE is going P.C. now a days!! come on, a bad name on a HILLBILLY gun web site!! give me a break!!:rolleyes: i tried to resign up but i think they ban your IP address? cause i tried w/ gmail, hot mail, etc. and they still wont let me create a new account. how can i create a new account? and am i wrong about the IP lock/ban? i used to buy alot of cheap gun stuff there and would like to again. thanks skeeter

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DAMN, i knew i could count on you tucker!! ill never pick on you again!!:D i have att dsl service and a m-torola modem. im not very computer saavy and my son in college always sets up my new computers. but i cannot reach him due to school right now. as far as the router, im unsure what your asking me. iam useing firefox though. but ill try to answer more ???

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On a typical DSL setup, the LAN IP (your internal network) will be the default gateway.

You typed that address into your browser and hit Enter to log into the configuration page for the modem, which also routing functionality.


Once there, you look for something along the lines of "MAC Address Clone" or WAN IP release.

It could be any one of a number of different names, depending on the software is designed.


Changing the MAC address on the modem forces it get a new IP from the provider. Once you have the new IP, you simply dump all Arfcom's cookies from Firefox and go back to sign up for a new account.


Post the exact model of the modem and I can help with more detailed instructions.


Do you have an additional router between the DSL modem and the computer? If so, you can make changes there as well.


The only other way to do it is to disconnect from the DSL long enough for them to drop your IP lease.

Typically, that will be 24 hours, but it could be longer.


You can check your IP at



When changes are made, go back there and confirm that it has changed.

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ok, 1- you might as well just said this stuff in arabic!!:D cause i STILL dont understand, remember im a computer RETARD!! 2- i do not have anything else connected to my computer other than the silver modem bx and my computer. 3- my modem style # is MSTATEA and some other #'s above 2210-02-1002 & 001D6B09BCC0 hope this helps. also couldnt i call ATT and request a new static IP due to my teenage kid said some horrible stuff on th e-net??:p and that ive placed password kid safeties on my comp now to not happen again. ts

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The IP address is assigned by AT&T. As Tucker301 said it is somewhat persistent. If you could shut off the DSL modem for 24hrs it may come back on with a new IP address. Use the link he recommended to check before and after to make sure you got a new one.


Your idea of blaming it on a teenage may be faster and less frustrating than waiting days for it to reset. Just tell them your account got hijacked and you're finding yourself blacklisted or unable to connect to sites you have always used. "Tech Support" on one of the forums suggested changing IP addresses.


You could also disconnect the modem. Call for tech support and play dumb; "No, its connected up OK but its completely dead! Here let me plug my clock radio into that outlet...see it's getting power. Can you send me a replacement modem right away?". They will probably send out a new modem which should pull a different address as well.

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thanks for all the ideas!!! im going to have my buddy create an account on the site first cause im locked out. that way i can contact another site moderator to see if i can get my old user id back. i mean really ,1 bad name??? the coc rules state short bans for 1st time offenses!! i think that moderator was having a bad day!!:rolleyes: ive been on that site for 3 yrs and have almost 2000 posts. id like to try and keep my old id first. if not, ill create a new account. and thanks again!!! the funny part is, ive seen waaaaaaaaaay worse language in their general forum about other members!!! i tell ya, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS will end this country one way or the other!!!!!!!! TS

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