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Night Sights


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I'm not usually a fan of meprolights, but they got it right on the M4. The rear sights tritium dots are very small. Almost pin pricks. They're not really there to align with the front post. They're there to give a visual reference to where the rear ghost ring is when aligning your face to the weapon during dark conditions.


+1, I really like these sights. As far as meprolite vs. trijicon, I normally would go Trijicon all the way, but as stated, these are G2G.

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I had no problem removing my OEM sights, but there was a LOT of cursing trying to get the nut started and trying to keep the FSB insert centered while tightening it down the last hair.

just bought the pair of these sights. looking forward to getting my cussing on when they get here.:D and practice shooting in the dark once completed!!:)

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For home defense I give nite-sights an A+, but for hunting all they do is glow when your tring to hide from deer early in the morning. I prefer fiber-optic, when I see it glowing, Its time to shoot.

hunting deer with a shotgun? round these parts we use claymores and trip wire for the deer while sitting in the airconditioned deerstand stand drinking beer while waiting for the KABOOM!!:D shotguns are for 2-legged awnry creatures lurking round our barns!!:p

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That front sight is a PITA. I bought a replacement nut from brownells. It has a nyloc ring in it. I also added some blue thread locker. Since cranking this nut down isn't an option. An open ended 5.5mm wrench is required.

This thing could have easily been designed better honestly.


You will never get it off now. That nyloc ring is more than sufficient. I purchased a new nut as well, as I consider this nut VERY close to a "tq to yield" style part. Tq it down until the wrench begins to round the corner, and done.


Also, microscopically, there are little burrs on the screw threads. I only want them cutting 1 way in the nylon material. IMHO use a nyloc type nut only once. Sure it will work again, but I have more confidence in it if I just use it once.


Yes, the 5.5mm wrench took a few hours of hunting to find.


I think the design is G2G, but a PITA to mess with, but honestly, who messes with it more than once, twice at most?

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