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Eye Glasses


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Hey guys, I have been away from regular shooting for a few years. When I was shooting clays regularly (once a week sometimes two) I used to do pretty decent (20+ targets nearly every round).


I just took it up again this fall after not really shooting much for 5 years. I mean okay maybe having not shot for awhile I expected to struggle a bit but something is really wrong. Even after a dozen boxes of shells a couple weeks later I am still struggling to pick up both the clay target and my beads and barely reach 50% for the round :mad:.


The one thing that has changed in the "off" period is I now wear progressive lens bi-focal eye wear. With these glasses I found I was really having a tough time seeing both the site and the clay target.

Do others notice this too ?


Do you uses a mono focal lens in glasses just for shooting ? What do you recommend for a bi-focal wearer that can't seem to pick up the beads without loosing or miss aligning the clay target?




Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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First comment. DON'T LOOK AT THE BEADS! Both eyes should be focused on the target, whether thats a clay bird or a feathered bird! If your gun fits you and you keep your head on the stock, you shouldn't lose your alignment.


I STRONGLY recommend wearing some form of eye protection when shooting, whether it be hunting or target shooting. At most target shooting ranges, its mandatory, and it should be that way. And when you're out hunting, there is plenty of "crap" out there that can get in your eyes. Protect them!


When I hunt, I have a pair of Bolle Parole sunglasses with a prescription insert. I do NOT include my bifocal prescription in these lenses. Its of no use. You should be focused on the bird, and if you're taking the time to line up the beads when a bird flushes, well, that's not a very good recipe for success.


When I shoot targets, I have a pair of Post-4 prescription shooting glases. Again, with these, I do NOT include my bifocal prescription, because, like hunting, its of no use. You should be focused, both eyes on the clay target.

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thanks for your replies. My level of french is good, but certainly more to the tests than I thought. Would it be an option to get an eye test and prescription on my visit to Uk, and get glasses here using mutuel? I think I need to weigh up the cost of full price of glasses bought in Uk and what it would cost here.

thanks again

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Looking directly at the clays with both eyes open is prob. the best tip in the world. Focus on the target and follow with the gun. as far as eyewear is concerned.........COSTA DEL MAR!!!!!!!!


Costa del Mar makes the finest polarized glasses I have ever worn. For shooting sports, I wear a lightweight frame with their Amber colored lenses. The Amber lenses provide protection from the sun and all the benefits of the Polarized lense without being so dark that you cant see through them. i even wear them durinig shooting in low light conditions and they are fantastic.


And yes, you can get them in whatever perscription you need also.

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Guest McDaddy

I wear progressive lenses as well but switch to single vision lenses when shooting and hunting. The problem with progressives is you tilt your head when shouldering the gun. This makes one eye look through a regular lense and one look through one of your optimized lenses. The single vision cured that problem.

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