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Nova or super nova?


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i am buying one of the two this week. the camo nova is in my budget. i will have to go with black to get the supernova. Is the supernova that much better? this will be for turkey, yotes, dove and a few pheasent but mainly the yotes and turkey. should i get the super and live without the camo?



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My black Supernova 26" is my 1st shotgun so I can't comment on the Nova, but from everything I have read it is worth the extra $...I went trap shooting with 3 of my friends last week and they all agreed that it was the smoothest pump action that they have ever fired...I paid $389.00 with no sales tax in New Hampshire..I fulltime in a motorhome and purchased it for protection...It just looks nasty...

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go with the supernova.It's built good low on recoil .I got a p-350 sorta the same gun just 2 lbs lighter :p.I woulda bought a super nova though if i knew barrels were so hard to find for a stoeger lol.Super nova's a 3.5" chamber and has a enlarged trigger gaurd so you can were golves while it's cold but still shoot.And think about it if it wasn't such a great gun then why did Remington copy it with the 887 an weatherby with the pa-459?.(dont answer that):D.

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Buy the gun you want.


An extra $100 "budgeted" over the next 20 years is $5 per year.


I purchased the newer Supernova APG, because it had advanced recoil supression and looked cooler, than the older Nova, regardless of which one was the "better buy".


If the money difference the two models was huge, then that would be a different story. But it's not.



Other than the extra money, there is never a time, when having a camo gun, is a disavantage, with any game. Plus camo paint protect gun surfaces better than bluing.


You will likely be using this gun for years. Buy the gun you want.

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