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Tactical setup


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Post pictures of your tactical shotguns

and (or) speak about your tactical setup for it


don't be shy show us your's :D


I have been meaning to snap a few shot of mine but for now it is in my signature.


I also would like to see more pictures than in the previous thread, it got off track.



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M1014 ..... Nice piece ... for both hunting & HD


NEWGUNNER ... very nice job , what do you think about the shot carrier

is it important doesn't affect the balance? & what is you review about Mesa Tactical shot carrier ?


HD and Play, I don't hunt.


I really like the Mesa Shell carrier, easy Fast reloads, been practicing with Dummy Rounds.


I can feel the wieght with the Slugs hanging off the side but with the pistol grips does not seem to affect my aim.



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right, now i see it! is it worth its money, or just useless junk?


I don't even know how to respond to a question like that.:confused:


If I didn't think it was worth the money I would not have ordered and installed it.


I shopped around for months and did a lot of research, I could have bought a sling for 20.00 if I was cheap and wanted Plastic buckles.


Like installing Plastic hub caps on a Cadillac.:rolleyes:


I don't see the point in installing cheap stuff on a very expensive gun.


I think the caliber of this gun deserves the best money can buy, so I chose Blue Force Gear!



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well let's hope this situation may never occur.


Probably a bad example, how about this, you jump over a fence, at tree a log, whatever, and your gun gets caught and your hanging by your sling, squeeze the tabs and your free.


There are a lot of scenerios where this could come in handy.

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well i actually thought about it, and i think we stand corrected: the cobra buckle is specicifally designed NOT to open under load. dunno if that means it just won't open itself, or if you can't open it under load voluntarily.

how bout trying that out?


Good Point, Hadn't thought of that, I will test it, by hanging my self :D JK,


I will put some good pressure on it and see if I can release it.

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