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A Benelli Christmas


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I was fortunate to receive a "blank check" to buy myself ANY shotgun I wanted for Christmas. Obviously, I want a Benelli. I've never owned one before. I need some help in choosing the perfect model for my needs from some of you guys that are in the know. I do lots of dove hunting here in upstate SC with occasional duck hunting. I am torn between SBE II and Montefeltro. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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With those two, the choice is down to a matter of your own preferences with regard to the following:


1. Do you like wood, camo, or black?

Motefeltro = Wood

Camo or Black = SBEII


2. Do you need to be able to shoot 3.5" shells.


3" = Montefeltro

3.5" = SBEII


Of course, there are other options, but this covers the two models you are considering.


If you want a SBEII, like the wood finish, and have a blank check, consider the Flyway Editions.

They are beauties and beasts all rolled into one.

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I have the model 11101 (think that's right) SBEII, which is walnut wood and matte black steel. I hunt mostly waterfowl in the salt marshes and have found that the steel will rust, as with any gun, but CorrosionX it good and you do away with about 90% of the rust problem. Sooooo, with that, dove hunting shouldn't be a problem in regards to rust, etc. I actually hunted doves this year as well as ducks and am very very pleased with the SBEII. The lines of the gun as well as it's function is flawless. Good luck on choosing one..............and to second tucker's note.....I love those flyway editions.

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Another one that you might consider is an M2 Field.


I purchased one a few months ago and it is great. It is kind of a between the 2 of a Monteleftro and an SBE II. Does 3 inch and not the 3.5's. It also has the CRIO system barells. It is also a little bit heavier thatn the monte but also alittle more durable. The gun shop where I bought mine steered me to the M2 from the Monte that I was considering.


All are excellent choices



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