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Hornady 300gr SST Slug + M4 = ?


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First, you won't see any benefit from shooting sabot slugs from a smoothbore barrel.


Second, I spent over $100 last fall testing various brands of sabot slugs from my fully-rifled Remington 870. The Hornady SST's had terrible 5-shot groupings at 100 yards -- 7" across!!! That was from sandbags and a bench rest!


Remington 870 SPST 12-gauge with thumbhole stock

Cantilever fully-rifled slug barrel

Nikon 3-9X40 scope

Solid shooting bench

Two 25-pound sandbags - one front, one rear


Test Method


I fired 5-shot groups per brand, with about a minute between shots. Distance was a laser-measured 100 yards. Shotgun was allowed to cool while I changed targets. I ran a dry boresnake through the bore between different brands. All shots were extremely steady with no movement of the shotgun whatsoever during firing.


Test Results:


Hornady SST

5-shot: 7" ; 3-shot: 5 1/4"


Winchester Platinum Tip

5-shot: 10 1/4" ; 3-shot: 6 3/4"


Federal Vital-Shok

5-shot: 3 1/2" ; 3-shot: 1"


Remington Copper Solid

5-shot: 3 3/4" ; 3-shot: 2 1/4"


Winchester Partition Gold

5-shot: 9" ; 3-shot: 2"


Remington Buckhammer

5-shot: 3 1/2" ; 3-shot: 1 1/8"


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you guys need to trust me on what I'm about to tell you here :rolleyes: go to your local sporting goods store and get some Winchester Super X "power point" rifled slugs! these are cheap as can be but out of my 1014 shoots better than any other slug I have used to date, I've been using the 2 3/4" 1oz. slug, it is 1700fps.....make sure the box has the "power point" in red letters on the box. if not you're getting the regular slug that does'nt shoot as well for me....if you try these once from your smooth bore you'll love them!!!.....plus they are not $12 a box :D

check out the link:


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That is some great info. I did buy the Hornady; it was too good of a deal to pass up. But M4Madness your testing was awesome. I am definetly going to try the Federal Vital-Shok. I have already been shooting the Winchester Super X so now I'll have something to compare. Thanks everyone else for your input. It's all great.

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