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2010 Spring Gobbler Photos Thread

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yes sir!


and tuck.. this new nice persona fits ya well... i feel like your setting me up for a bad joke!



Not a bad joke.

Not a joke at all. I'm just gathering as much information as I can before I send the whole thing to the VDGIF.


Just trying to save them some legwork in tracking you down.


With the Vikings Basketball T-shirt, it shouldn't bee too difficult for them.


You see, to my knowledge, there is no Spring season on cottontails in VA, or anywhere else in the Eastern US.

That means you are a lowlife poacher.


Oh, and don't bother deleting posts and pictures from your Photobucket account, because I've got everything saved already and it's neatly bundled and ready to send to the folks who need to see it.

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I'll leave this matter up to the other forum members.

Should the kid be turned in for poaching, or should he be given a break?


I'm not seeing much remorse. But I can still remember being young and stupid like that.

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but wait.. did you see any blood on the rabbit? lol.. lemme fill you in a little something... you seem to be familiar with my facebook correct? did you happen to see the butt of that gun that was in the picture??? lol..not my benelli you say?! correct? mayyybe that turkey was not shot with my shotgun.. that turkey was shot with a rifle! I never took a shotgun with me that day you dip! lol... do you actually think that thing was shot with a .270, 30-06, .300, .308, or any other rifle round... no because it would have ripped that rabbit to ****! but i guess you didnt ask me what i shot the turkey with huh? dont worry, if you would like i can show you what a rifle does to a rabbit next season.. i popped the damn thing..and i ate it... but not with a gun! dipshit...


"Rifles (including air rifles), pistols, and revolvers may be used for hunting turkeys, except where prohibited by local ordinances"

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