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2010 Spring Gobbler Photos Thread


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Let's get one going!


I'll start with this picture of a young fellow's first turkey.

A friend of a friend took his son out last Saturday for the VA Spring Gobbler Youth Day, and they scored!


I picked up the picture off another board and decided that the young man qualified for an Outdoor Life cover. ;)


Congratulations to Jackson!



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Just about done here at home. Now on to a few other states. I'm excited about the trips, but I am almost certain the weather is going to be a major factor in my success, or lack thereof, this year.....


Sorry I'm the picture. Insert some demeaning comment from Tucker here :(



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Nice turkeys, Mudhen. that first one you posted was a real hoss. Good luck to you on your upcoming hunts. I start on Wed. In Wi. and the on to Mi. on the following Mon. Well done, and thanks for all the info that you shared with me over the past year.Mike

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That is a real brute you got there Flhawghuntr. Congrats on such a nice bird..Mike



Thanks Mike give me a few weeks till I get back from my hunt in Indiana which will start the 24th and then Andy Kaiser and I are heading to Nebraska and maybe Kansas. Should be another 5 or 6 down by then.




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I just got a new Limbshaker slate call from my buddy Robert yesterday afternoon.

Took it out this morning and this two-bearder was in my lap in a matter of minutes after setting up on him.


The oaks were dry, so we setup about 250 yards from him.

He wasted no time coming into the sweet tones of that new call.

Darned near ran over me!... A crime for which the sentence is death :D




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As good as the Turkey Rigatoni was, it can't hold a candle to the sandwiches we had today!


Using a recipe she saw on Food Network, my wife cooked the breast fillet last night and allowed it to set overnight in the fridge.


When she sliced the breast, I started "picking".




Just eating it that way was good, but the sandwiches were AMAZING!




Pete's Rubbed and Almost Fried Turkey Sandwich

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