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Does your M4 FTF when shooting from the hip?


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Took a new M4 to a indoor range to break in. Had to use #7.5 shot, but it was 3.07 dram / 1250 FPS. I ran 250 rounds through it with no problems cycling as long as it was braced into the shoulder but it FTF quite a bit when point shooting from the hip. All the same ammo and lubed well. Anyone else experience this?

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It may be a problem with "new" M4s. I took mine to the range and ran about 50 rounds of low recoil buckshot through it while shooting from the hip with an intentionally "limp" hold and could not induce a FTF. Previously I had been shooting full power loads for quite some time. I suspect break-in plays a big part in reliability with low power rounds.

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I got my m4 to FTF one time, shooting with my left hand, one handed, limp wristing, using #9 shot.


I posted a video of it on here awhile back ... I really have to try to make that gun screw up.


If I held it firmly against at my waist (not that I shoot like this often) I'd bet my bank account that it would work without fail.

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