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Got My Gobbler!

KB Fab

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Actually, I now believe that skeeter is quite intelligent, and that he merely chooses to project himself as an ignorant backwoods illiterate on some occasions.


Perhaps it is a role-playing fantasy or perhaps it is a psychological ploy in getting others to maintain lowered expectations of what to expect of him.


Whatever his motives, his flashes of brilliance have belied his hillbilly persona and have shown him to be, when he wants to be, a man of character and depth.


ISK, on the other hand, has not demonstrated so much as an inkling of similar intelligence, and he therefor remains on my blocked users list. In other words, I don't think he's pretending.

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wait.. i thought "THiS MESSAGE WAS BLOCKED BECAUSE ISHOOTKITTENS IS ON YOUR IGNORE LIST".... the curiosity got to ya didnt it tuckkka!


But I didnt know I was "SUPPOSED".. not suposed.. but "SUPPOSED" to try and impress you with intellegence.. I thought this was a gun/hunting forum. I didnt know you had to be a graduate from harvard to know how to shoot ****?!?! But Tucker I have come to terms with my extreme and utter want TO BE YOU! Thats just it.. im so jealous of you. Can you teach me to be a better poster or thread starter? I want to know what you know. I want you to give me the tools I need to be on a forum when Im 50 like you. I want to have what it takes to outlast time and still make fun of people for their hillybilly ways 30-40 years down the line.. You are my hero!:)

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