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Easy Hit bead question


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I plan to add an Easy Hit bead to my Supernova soon and was looking for some opinion on the exact version that would be best for all around shooting. I've been to their website and looked for myself, but can't decide. Its down to either the medium length "Shooting Bead" or the longer "Sport Shooting Bead". I'm also trying to pick a diameter as well. I, myself would think the longer bead on the 26" barrel would give an excellent sight picture. Any and all comments and opinions welcome.

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Interesting. I don't know what to tell you except it seems kind of unneccesary to me. I mean, shooting a shotgun is a pretty simple concept to begin with and if you are halfway intuitive, you shouldn't have any problems using conventional sights. That said, whatever works for you. Seem like lots of testimonials on that site from folks who are happy with the performance. Personally, I just don't see the need.







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The site shows Tom Knapp. Googled him. That dude is bad. He seems to like it.


He seem to like it because he gets paid to. Tom as been shooting clays long before the easyhit came out. He can't even use it right anyway because of his Benelli cam.

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The Easyhit sight serves a specific purpose.

It's great for people with eye dominance issues or for those who can keep their head down.


You must be looking through the tube in a straight line in order to see the bead.


I tried one and shot it for about a dozen straight misses on decoying ducks. I took out my knife and prized it off the barrel, leaving nothing, and killed the next three in a row.


It's at the bottom of the lake just in front of the duck blind.

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