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Vinci's or M2


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Hello all,

I curently own a M2 and really love the gun the best gun i have ever owned.A buddy was in town and we went to the local gun shop he wanted a Vinci and we have better prices here than in ala, I never really cared for the looks of the vinci until i saw 1 unclose and personnel. loved the way it felt. My question is the gun any better then the M2 or should I just stick with my current gun.

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I can't say which is the better gun between the two, that is personal preference. I chose the M2 because it has already stood the test of time in the dove fields of Argentina,where thousands of rounds are put through them everyday.

Very light loads that perform great. I have no need to shoot 3 1/2" shells, I would rather have no problems on the 2 3/4" end. I shoot alot of waterfowl.3" only. Backpeddling over the decoys. Even 3" can be overkill, Nothing makes up for shooting abilities! I think the return spring inline with the bolt only catches more junk, it performs well because it is easier to maintain there, where alot of people ignore tearing the stock off for to long. Laying in a layout blind in a dust blowing cornfield, I like the return spring tucked away in the stock.

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I recently bought a 26" Vinci and love it ...so easy to maintain...My 18yo HK/Benelli SBE is a super shooter still to this day too...I would say follow your gut, either way I don't think you'll make a bad choice. My Vinci is very tight and doesn't have any rattles, fit and finish are premiere and the recoil is soft and a little different...straight back...like I said, they're all winners in my opinion.

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