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MR1 feed problem


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I just picked up a new Benelli MR1 (serial #BC0029--)and took it to the range for the first time today. I love how it feels and shoots, but I was having a reoccurring problem with feeding.


I started with the factory magazine and Federal XM193 FMJ. I went through several full magazines without any problems.


I then switched to a C Products 30 round AR15 magazine using the same ammo. The failure to feed presented itself with the bolt not completely catching the in bound round. The end result was the round diagonal in the chamber (top/bottom) with the bolt stopping on top of the round. Locking the bolt back and dropping the mag cleared the jam fine. This happened on the second or third round.


I tried it again with the same ammo with the same results.


I had another C Products magazine and tried it again with the same results.


I then switched over to Prvi Partisan M193 FMJ using the same C Products mags with the same results. The most rounds I could fire was 10 before the failure occurred.


It was time to try the factory magazine again using the Prvi and there were no problems. There were, however, problems using the factory magazine and the Federal XM193 FMJ this time.


So at this point it looks like the MR1 does not like Federal ammunition and C Products mil spec magazines. Both of which I find hard to believe.


As I mentioned above, this is a brand new MR1. I tore it down, cleaned it well and lubricated it. I couldn't find anything what-so-ever on how much lubrication I should use so I went a little heavy, but not wet by any means.


Could the failure to feed be the result of too much lubrication or should I be looking elsewhere for the cure?

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Could the failure to feed be the result of too much lubrication or should I be looking elsewhere for the cure?


Do you have any pictures of this problem?


I'll be completely honest and say I don't have an MR1 but the way you describe the jam it sounds very similar to a problem that DPMS was having with their AR style rifles. In that case it was bad magazines that wouldn't let the bullets contact the feed ramps every time and so toward the end of the mag the bullets would hit below the feedramps and cause the jamming.


So what I would say to start is (in a safe place) put some rounds in the magazine and ride the bolt forward and see how the bullets strip off the magazines to see if there is a difference between the factory and C-Products mags.


With guns (and other things) I don't think there is such a thing as too much lube ;)


Welcome to the forum.

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Thank you for the welcome and the reply agm65ccip


I have pics from cycling by hand, but I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to find a way to post them without any luck. I can't even post broken links or my email address.


My email should be in my profile if you want me to send them.

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For the factory mag to be troublesome is well.... troublesome!


The easy solution, try different mags. Magpul P-mags, Brownells magazines are the first two places I'd go.


After that, the only thing I could think of is measure the OAL of the cartridge styles that are troubling you, compare it to the OAL of cartridges that don't.


It is very VERY weird to me that the Fed cartridges were find in the factory mag at first and then causing malfunctions! :mad:


I've had REALLY good luck with Sellier & Bellot 55gr FMJ ammo through my MP15 1:9 twist, also PMC Bronze line 55gr FMJ.


Keep us posted.

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I had a nice reply typed out yesterday before the low post problem happened, but I lost it in the edits and time and patience was too short to try it again :(


When I was cycling by hand yesterday I did try a revision M P-mag and I had the same problem as what the pictures show. I also tried a different C Products magazine with black follower (the original had an orange follower) with the same results. As a side note, all the non-factory magazines that I tried supposedly have anti-tilt followers and all work fine in my AR15.


I forgot to add that while at the range yesterday, after I had the feed problems, I took the same C Products magazines and proceeded to blast several hundred rounds through my AR15 without any problems.


After I cleaned the MR1 last night and put it away I got to thinking about the possibility of assembling the bolt wrong. The design allows the chrome portion of the bolt to be assembled two different ways and there's no mention or any diagrams in the manual.


I went and took the rifle out of the safe and checked out the bolt position. It was the same as what I photographed above. I disassembled the MR1, spun the bolt around 180 degrees and reassembled. This configuration was clearly not right as there were multiple problems stripping off rounds from the various magazines. So much for an easy fix.


Hopefully this afternoon I'll have time to check out different rounds. I have a fairly wide selection of 5.56 FMJ and I'll do a side-by-side comparison of the cartridges as well as dry cycling them.

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To date I've had three different MR1's and had the same issue once and the only magazines I used were the Benelli one and Magpul P & E mags.

When I had my first one it did the same thing a few times with either magazines and the same ammuntion. I can't sy for sure if this will work for you but here is how I solved my problem. When you get done loading a magazine tap it against your hand so all the rounds are seated. After making this normal practice I haven't had a malfunction.

If this doesn't help you might want to make sure that the mag release tab and stop are where they are supposed to be.

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I went to the range again yesterday, but left the XM193 home. Instead I brought Prvi Partisan M193 and Winchester Q3131A. I also grabbed a Pmag, C Products mag and the factory mag.


I fired off a couple factory mags loaded with both brands of ammo. No problems. I don't have any calipers to check the shells, but it looks like the MR1 doesn't like Lake City brass. I still need to confirm that statement later.


It was then time to grab the Pmag. I loaded up 3 rounds and fired them with no problems (other than not being able to drop the mag). I then went to ten rounds and then thirty with not one misfeed. I don't know why I was getting them when I was hand cycling.


After firing off a couple full Pmags, I decided to try the C Products magazine again. That lasted for one round. The bolt slid over the first round just as it had done so many times before. My AR loves the C products magazines, but Benelli apparently doesn't like the followers.


I then swapped back to the Pmag and proceeded to have a barrel smoking fun time for a couple more magazines. I think I'm really going to enjoy the MR1 :D


On the way home I stopped by the local fun store and grabbed an aluminum Brownell's magazine with a MagPul follower. Once home I hand cycled some rounds in the new magazine and everything went well.


I'm going to pick up a couple magPul followers for the C Products magazines and see how they do in the Benelli. I thought I had read that there wasn't too much of a difference between the followers, but the MR1 would disagree.


Next trip to the range will be trying out more ammo. I'm very interested in seeing how the MR1 does with 75 grain.

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Well I have the same issues with less than 1000 rds pushed thu it.....bad feeding, erratic ejection, bent bullets, 2 in the chamber, every time the action feeds one in the chamber, the 2nd bullet in the mag shows a dent... i have even had the bullet push into the casing twice. tried all sortsa crap to fix this, even the stock mag jams up. I like this firearm, esp the trigger pull, but with these type of problems it might as well be an expensive chunk of scrap metal. I have read the posts on here about different mags, ive tried many different ones and if anyone has a magazine success story please drop me a line, im not sure the difference on c-products, pmags and what not. "I have a MR1. All NHMTG AR15 magazines work flawless with my MR1."


"Hold on enemy, I'm reloading"

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Finding a magazine that works will always help but i have had issues with brand new firearms that looked lubed and ready to fire to me do just the opposite! Once i called Beretta they told me that they never lube a gun before they ship it to the Retailer and that it ships with cutting fluid in it and that once i clean all that from the firearm and lube and oil a brand new firearm that it will shoot just fine? Kinda took me by surprise but i did what i was told and no more jams, but some firearms are very particular with magazines! I had a Browning BAR that had a defective magazine that would shoot all rounds i put thru it except soft points? They finally fixed the issue and sent me a 2 new magazines that will feed soft points! Hope ya get your issue fixed without having to send brand new firearm back to manufacturer! What did ya use to clean and lube it with?

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I copied the info that I posted in the R1 section of this forum at the bottom of this post: there's some info in the original post that might help you out.


The only mags I use are the 30 round Bushmaster metal mags. ~1200 rounds thru the rifle since I bought it late 2010 and still no malfunctions. The Bushmaster mags drop freely when I hit the mag release and no probs seating them in the gun as long as I only load them with 28 rounds.


Since my original post below, I ran another 200 rounds thru it last month (~100 of Hornady TAP 55gr, and the rest were PMC and Federal American Eagle also 55 gr).

Today I ran another 500 rounds thru it - No malfunctions (primarily shot Federal American Eagle with some PMC mixed in), very accurate with fast accurate follow-up shots. I could shoot that rifle all day.....well....I guess I did!! :D

Below is a copy of what I posted in the R1 section of the forum. Good luck and I hope you get the feeding problem fixed b/c the riflle is awesome!




I haven't seen very many posts about the MR1....so I thought I would post a few of my thoughts.


I purchased one b/c although I like shooting AR-15's, I just never really cared for the placement of the controls (safety, mag release, etc.). I was looking for a good reliable home defense gun - my husband uses a pump shotgun. I like the sg....but it's a PITA for me to run with a light on it at night. So.....those are the reasons I decided to go with the MR1.


The controls on the MR1 are right where I like them - more efficient than an AR....at least for me. I've put about 500 rounds thru the MR1 so far...& knock on wood....no malfunctions. Been using PMC and Federal ammo. I plan to run defense ammo (Hornady TAP) thru it next weekend. I lube up the bolt really well (Slip 2000) and keep the piston dry like the manual says. The piston is a PITA to clean, but the rest of the gun cleans up quickly.


I've been using bushmaster metal mags in it - no probs with those.


I've seen some complaints about the stock and trying to add a sight to it. I added an Aimpoint CompM4s and found that adding a Blackhawk cheek pad to the buttstock worked out perfect to be able to get a nice cheek-weld. Without the cheek pad, that was about impossible (was more like a chin-weld!).


I also added a Beretta Storm rail to the front - used loc-tite to hold it in place. That rail fits perfect and I've been using that to add a TLR-1 light or I've also used it for attaching a grip-pod for some of the shooting classes I've taken.


So far for me.....it's very accurate, dependable, and fun. Other people that have shot mine have also really liked it (both the guys and the gals). My only complaints are 1. I wish I could change out the buttstock (but I've made it work with the cheekpad addition), 2. I wish replacement parts were easier to find, 3. when adding a red dot sight, no ability to co-witness iron sights and 4. the manual sucks. But....the positives definitely outweigh the negatives!


Here's a video of me shooting it. I hope others are enjoying theirs as much as I am enjoying mine, and will share their experiences/suggestions.

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