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Who gets to start shooting geese or teal next week?


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Im with you Tucker, it could just cool off and stay cooled off for a while. This had to be one of the hottest, humid, rainy summers we have had on record and I for one have had enough of it..........how do you guys stand it down south?


I should be careful what I wish for, it could snow here next week......

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Early goose seasons and dove hunting can be tough down here, that's for sure.

I refuse to goose hunt if it's over 80, so we'll hunt in the AM and call it quits pretty soon after sunrise.


I can remember Spetembers back in the late 70's when it wasn't uncommon to need a touch of fire in the early mornings to warm up the house.


I don't expect to see that again in my lifetime. :(

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First day for early Goose hunting in Atlantic Canada starts Sept 7th. Got my 3" Black Clouds BB today. Had a tempature of over 100 degrees for the past three days here and Earl is hitting the Atlantic west coast early Saturday morning. Temp is going to cool off from that just in time for the 7th as it's dropping down to 70 this weekend.



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