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how many round extension do i need?


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You have two options really. I found a Benelli extension on this board for a good price $70 or $80 I don't remember. Or you can get a Nordic Components for about the same $$$. They are both nice, I prefer the steel factory extension though, and I had both on my gun for a while.


I you are looking for a "+3" round extension. Giving you a total of 7 in the tube, and another in the chamber, and another on the tray if your Benelli can do it.


So my M1 S90 is a 7+1+1 for 9 rounds in an 18.5" gun.


Midway has a great size comparison chart that helps understand whats going on for the Nordic stuff.

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Get a +4. It will stick out slightly from the barrel but you will have 8+1+1 of 2 3/4" shells ready for zombie ops. 10 rounds is also the max for CA right?


Then get an extended crenulated tactical choke that will extend past the tube to use as a stand off device. It will also look alot better than having the tube stick out past the barrel with out the choke. Not to mention the very useful zombie stabing ability if you run out of ammo:D

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so i need a +3 then ? the reason i ask is because im in ca. and dont have the gun yet, i wanted to pick up the extension before i pick up the gun on the 29th.



Is it a 20" barrel or 18.5" barrel? If it is a 18.5" barrel then you need +3, if you are at 20" barrel then a +4 shouldn't stick out.

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