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Please suggest me some optics for my new MR 1 rifle


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Thanks Hookster for your reply.


I was considering red dots, either the Trijicon RMR or the EOTech 512. But would also like to have the ability to use my irons, so I don't know if I could get either a see-thru base, or a very low mount on the RMR, so that I could co-witness between the irons and the HWS.


All your comments are more than welcome!

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I'm a fan of Vortex Optics. They are a local company to me, give local LE agencies good support, have a V.I.P. warranty(for EVERYONE) that is at least as good as Leupold's warranty. I am a consumer only and do not work for, get paid by or have any shareholding interest in Vortex.


For CQB work they have a Viper PST and Razer HD. The Razor is a very hefty optic. The PST is less expensive but certainly *NOT* hugely lesser quality. The PST's are not quite available yet. I will be running one of these on my AR15. The 1x is a true 1X so for CQB work, it's very Aimpoint-ish. All are illuminated reticles.


For long range, like Hooksters M1a, or what I'll run on my DPMS LR308, I'm awaiting the Vortex Viper 4-16. They also make a 6-24. There is a RAZOR HD 5-20 that is bad-A** but it's heavy, 35mm tubes and $$$$$$$. Certainly similar to a Leupold ER/T or LR/T.


I've had an ER/T and it's beautiful glass! I could see the sand grains in a roof shingle from 3/4 mile!! But. . .what is it YOU have to do with the optic? How much are you willing to spend on good mounts and glass?


I would say for the MR1, a 4-16 would be more than sufficient. Maybe even a 1-4 or 3-9.


I think that Vortex, Leupold and Nikon make some of the best glass for the money. Oh, and certain Zeiss scopes too. I have or used to have all brand I mention.


Best of luck!



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I like the RMR (powered version) and have been considering one for my M4 for quite some time. I don't have a MR1 so I don't know if you can coax some lower field cowitness out of an RMR or not. Looking at the pics of the rifle, I doubt you would with the 512. I run a 516 with a FTS 3x magnifier on one of my ARs though and love it.


here's a pic:







Hookster :)

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Thanks 2-wheel, I'll most certainly look at Vortex.


Hookster: What do you like best (and why) : your EOtech or the RMR?


Hey RR,


I don't have a RMR but I have played hands on with one and think it would make a great CQB shotgun optic. I like the EO Tech for the carbine application with it's smaller MOA dot, it's a bit more precise and I like being able to use the magnifier with it. I've also been considering getting an Aimpoint T1 or H1 with a magnifier at some point too for my other AR. I have an Aimpoint ML3 on a Socom 16 and am very happy with it.





here it is on the M4:







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Aimpoint for a Red Dot. If you're looking for magnification, the NightForce NXS compact series has proven to be a good choice. I've been using a 1-4 on my 3 gun rifle for about four years, and have had zero issues. I've been able to reliably and consistently hit targets from point blank to 600 yards.


The Vortex scopes have a good reputation as well, I just have not been able to play with one personally.

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It seems that you need to elevate it above the built-in sight, so you'd need a 1" stand-off rail. ncStar makes a couple different models.


Does anyone have experience using a scope on a stand-off rail ? I would think that it would be kind of hard to do a cheek-plant with it up so high. And, I don't see any way of removing the built-in sights.

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Actually u can take the factory sights off an MR1, I took mine off at first but I was able to fit mine with some raised see-thru scope rings and kept the iron sights for close range, pretty tight fit but it works. Scope is high up and a cheek piece would be great, maybe the Urbino stock.

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