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I absolutely love my R1 .300 WinMag - It has never let me down. I was cleaning it after another successful hunt and ran in to my first problem. I closed the breech and I believe there is a cloth cleaning patch that was partially in the chamber and not I can not open the breech back up. It feels like a mechanical stoppage, so I really don't want to force anything. I also do not want to pull the barrel if I can avoid it.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.



Well, I gave in and pulled the barrel and upper off. It was, in fact, a cleaning patch.


Sorry for the paranoid post. I was just so worried about my baby! :)

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glad everthing is right again. Don't worry. I have a .300 as well. I have quick release rings and use them often. I always store my gun in the original case meaning i take it apart. Not once has it failed to hold zero through all this.


that's good to know. that was the thing i was afraid of, was that i wanted it to hold zero. the only time i've missed in the field was when i tried to force a shot that i wasn't ready to take, so i can't blame the gun for that. it's been absolutely flawless.

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Normally i would not use quick release rings but i bought this gun for moose and that means hiking bush trails, calling in swamp lands and so forth. The point is this. Have you ever tried to aquire an animal in a scope at 10-15 yrds in brush. I expected to hunt mostly with open sights thus no scope. I did want to have the scope available for times when it was more practical. This was my first time useing quick release rings (NOT BASES). I was told the bases where iffy. The rings where reported to be reliable and so far they have been. I put my gun together. Attached the scope and shot my moose center, in the head. can't beat that.


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I was disappointed after realizing the hard case is worthless after putting a scope on my R1. Reading this thread makes me think there is a chance however i'm concerned that holding zero for shooting a moose may not be a true test of holding zero if you know what i mean. Has anyone actually used quick release rings and shot from a bench before and after a few times?

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I picked up a rifle case and throw the rifle with the scope still attached into the rifle case, but another way to do it is to take off the scope and use the Benelli hard plastic case and than zero in at an indoor range when it is necessary to set it up again for hunting.


It sounds like leaving the base attached and being able to remove the scope from the rings worked well, and that does sound like something to do, if you need to keep a zero intact. I might try to set mine up like that when I get a better scope.


Another thing that could happen is that sometimes you may want to detach the barrel for various reasons, and if you can detach the scope without taking the base off, than that is worth having because it is awkward to leave the scope on and clean the barrel, etc.


Actually I have taken the whole base off and reattached it and been reasonable, but not perfect, yet not way off the mark. If I have to unscrew it though each time than it might not screw on tight, so I am toying with disaster.

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