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Protect your wood


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In the "4 shots" post I debated wood stocks versus synthetic with Hogwild. Everyone has a preference and in a bolt action I would say synthetic can be more accurate as the bedding matterial is not as reliant on the wood thickness for strength. Aluminum bedding can be molded right into the stock for instance. Weight factors in as well as todays synth. stocks can be ultra light and still be strong.

However, for us diehard wood fans who take pride in the astetic appeal of our rifles keeping that wood nice is a problem. Especially if you hunt in a forest environment. I use a fairly cheap matterial called "Camo Form Protective Wrap". It is sold at most hunting shops, Cabela's and specialty shops. It comes off without a residue. It can be purchased in various camo from Realtree to snow.

picture.php?pictureid=494&albumid=108&dl=1287608573&thumb=1 I think it's worth the extra 15 bucks


At the range i show off my wood. Hunting I protect it.

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Protect your wood


every night! ;)



but in all seriousness, most of the hiking i do while hunting is at 4am with a flashlight, and my gun (even with a synthetic stock) is cased in a hybrid case from... i can't remember and it doesn't really matter. it's a soft case with hard reinforcing around the scope, muzzle and butt. but that's mostly because of the scope

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I choose wood for my rifles because I prefer the feel and don't see any performance gains with synthetic. I prefer the way a wood stock feels in my hands when I'm walking w/ it, when I'm sitting in a cold stand and even under recoil.


My primary beat around, don't care if it gets banged up, rifle is a Ruger Model 77 hawkeye SS chambered in 338Federal that I replaced the synthetic stock w/ a Ruger factory ultra light stock from Brownells. The barrel contour was different, so I had to spend some time free floating it, refinishing it (inside and out) and I pillar bedded it.






Attractive to my eye, but inexpensive to put together. I carry it as is and accept the occasional ding as another reminder of a great hunt.



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