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Stowing an M4 (and other long-weapons)


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Would there be a problem with storing long-weapons, including the M4, facing down instead of facing up (meaning the barrel is holding up the weight of the gun instead of the stock supporting the gun from the ground).


I am using soft material on top of carpet for the barrel to stand on.

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Based on the M4's staging location, it will be easier/faster to pick up and point, instead of flipping and pointing (from having to reach lower to grab the pistol grip).


I just need to know if I should worry about any damage it may cause the weapon, long term, or other considerations (such as lube getting into primers of a fully loaded M4, etc).

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I read somewhere on the internet that storing a gun barrel down could possibly cause some things that may or may not be advantageous to a successful outcome where someones well being is threatened by a warthog invasion that was initiated by a redneck having his way with one in the middle of the Louisiana backwoods.


Probably nothing to worry about but you can never be too careful.:eek:

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Handguns are holstered muzzle down. They don't care!


A shotgun is polymer and steel. Polymer and steel, whether collective or separate don't care.


If you care enough to ask the question, you'll care enough for maintenance to your gun to inspect it frequently. In which case, it (your Ben M4) won't care how it's stored.


Just my $.0005 worth. ;)


Happy shooting!



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