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barrel length for m2


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I think why would you ask strangers? :D


I've been shooting 26" Benellis for 15 years with no ill effects. I love the 26" for turkey, ducks, quail, dove, deer, hogs, etc.


The 28" really becomes a club when an extended choke tube is added. I have a Rhino rifled tube that is almost 4" long - I also own maybe 12 assorted extended tubes that would look pretty silly on a 28" bbl.


I guess the theory is that the longer barrel will somehow lead to a smoother swing. Maybe a good idea in theory, but it does not play out in the field for me.


I'd go with the 26" - you will thank me later....


mudhen - CA

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I have been shooting the 26" Benelli M1/M2 as well as Browning`s, Winchester etc for many yrs. I like the 26" for all of my shooting including...doves in Argentina...ducks and geese in Canada...ducks and clays in FL and Kentucky. It works for me...

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Go with what fits you best. The way choke tubes are made today, you can more than compensate for a couple inches of barrel length (Benelli gives you five chokes with the gun). If you're mainly going to be wingshooting, I'd personally choose a shorter barrel because they swing better for me, despite the shorter sight radius. But that's just me...like I said, pick the gun that throws best for you.

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Go to your local gun store and try shouldering the 28" and the 26" in the gun model you are planning to purchase.


I would quickly bring the gun to my shoulder and while swinging the gun to sight something on the wall or ceiling.


In the end, I felt more confident with the 28" barrel.


Most of clay shooters prefer the longer barrels 30" - 32" and longer than 32" due to the longer barrel provides a smoother swing of the gun. That is to say, the gun is not "whipy" when aiming.


Choose the barrel length that allows you to sight better and the gun feels more balanced in your hands.


Regards threeshot

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