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Did a little M1014 upgrading today..


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First off let me just say the Customer Service over at LaRue Tactical is top notch. I ordered T1 (low mount) and a Tshirt and the package arrived five days later. In the box they gave me a free "tactical beverage opener" and a bottle of thier spice rub.


To me that is above and beyound. Plus their price on the T1 bundled with thier mount (no Aimpoint mount) was the best I found.


Anyways.. I also ordered the new rail from Kip at Carriercomp.. it also arrived in 5 days and is a great little product.


So now they are both on and I just need Kip's new charging handle and the forends from Freedom Fighter and I will be a happy camper.


Two things:


1. Where can I buy a replacement conical serrated grip washer since one fell into the abyss when I was chainging out the rail.


2. Is there anyway to attach a quick-connect swivel to the M1014 collapasble stock?


And some obigatory gun porn



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Contact Kip about a replacement washer. I've never seen them for sale. Only a part of the rail assembly. Which is expensive. If that's a nogo, cry to Benelli.


Mesa Tactical offers a QD sling mount that replaces the roll pin above the pistol grip. I is s*** quality though. The opposite side has a huge acorn nut on it that hits your trigger finger. I'm devising an alternative. I'm thinking we should buy the magpul QD socket for the UBR. The cup itself is threaded. Then get a proper thread and length bolt.


Pass the bolt from the right side through the grip into the QD socket. Add a thin washer beneath the bolt on the right side.



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Stranger, what makes it **** quality? Do you have personal experience with the Mesa QD sling adapter? I have installed a few and I admit they could have been designed a bit better by having swivel stops machined on the inside of the cup, BUT installation techniques can make or break this modification. You must shave the screws to make them the same diameter as the roll pin that is removed, not drill the stock to accomodate the screw. And, BTW there is no acorn nut. Look at these pics of the Mesa QD sling adapter installed.




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Yes, I have one. I just got it this week actually.


What is odd is the unit I have has an acorn nut which is sharp and protrudes quite a bit. The model you have looks much better than what I received. I'd be happy with what you have.


I agree that machined limits like in the Daniel Defense or GearSector mounts would be ideal.

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i'm planning on using a gear sector 2-point sling. jason suggested that i could use their optional H&K Snap Hook adapter to attach the sling to the small hole near the toe of the Benelli C-stock.


i'm trying to attach a picture to this reply, but it won't let me or i haven't figured out how to do it??? but you can see what i mean at this link:



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