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  1. I thought you said the mods didn't do anything about it?
  2. My understanding was a large heavy safe.. the thieves were prepared to take it.. Even if it's a 1000 pounds loaded it's not thta hard to take if not bolted down. Expensive lesson for the guy to learn.
  3. Guy didn't have his safe bolted down.. was stolen and they found it in South Central LA (what a shocker).. One gun in there was: Benelli M4/ M1014 Limited Edition in 12 gauge w/ original extended mag tube, Trijicion Ghost Sights & ? Tactical Charging Handle (SERIAL # M1014 1897) http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=484458 Oh, and bolt down you safe.. no matter how heavy it is...
  4. Steve1968LS2


    And what has the OP contributed to this board besides posting a whiny thread? I don't know Kip.. but on my M1014 I have his top rail, Ti charging handle and Ti extended mag.. his website isn't state-of-the-art by any stretch but it got the job done for placing my orders and the quality of his products is top notch. I've only had to email him once and he got back with me in 24 hours. Considering this is a side-gig I was ok with that. The internet cry babies are far more annoying that a small companie's slower than expected response time.
  5. Steve1968LS2

    Top Shot

    Well, for one shooting skeet IS NOT shooting slugs at jars.. :shrug:
  6. Steve1968LS2

    Top Shot

    The host said "one of" ... pay attention
  7. I got my FF forearms two weeks ago.. they fit great (only needed to file off a tiny nub where it can't be seen) and they don't seem warped and I have noticed any "creaking".. :shrug:
  8. I agree with this.. plus it wouldn't show wear and "grime" as bad.. somebody photoshop it? I would be all over the OD color..
  9. I guess that means the muted one I ordered three weeks ago might be shipping? If so then woo hoo.. now I just need a trigger part or two (hint hint)
  10. Item is sold.. that was fast, should have asked for more money.. lol
  11. Decided to go another route, so I have a Surefire M80 M4 Forearm for sale.. haven't shot it since it was mounted so it's like new, pretty sure I have the factory box. Paid well over $200.. sell for $160 Thanks, [email protected]
  12. I have a Surefire M80 forarm for sale.. like new.. $160 Just went a different route.. well made product though.
  13. Mine is for sale if anyone needs one.. modding a stocker (then if this works a FF)
  14. Im working on my stock Benelli handguard.. milling a flat spot to attach a leftover Magpul small three section rail. All I want is a spot to mount a TR1 or something. I wish the Freedom Fighter guys would have done this.. then it would have been a double win (922r AND an improvement over stock)
  15. If stuff gets that bad I imagine replenishment will be an issue except what you can scavenge. In that case I bet you can scavenge .223 weapons as easily as .223 ammo. If I'm bugging out (ie, away from home).. I'm going to be evading and trying to stay out of fights. This means the 500-700 rnds I'm carrying will last a long time (with luck forever). The weapons and ammo I chose were based on weight which is very critical when traveling on foot.
  16. M1014 PS90 FN 5.7 The lightweight of the to FN guns would help make up for the my heavy 1014.. Also, I can carry a crapload more 5.7 ammo than even .223.. Heck, with three mags in the PS90 and three in the 5.7 pistol I have 240 rnds ready to go and even a 1,000 rnds isn't all that heavy. This is assuming I'm bugging out on foot. If I'm barricaded at home it's my SCAR 16, 1911 and still the M1014
  17. I wish the Freedom Fighters guys would have just put a little damn rail section on thier new forearm.. then it would have been perfect. Nice looking M4 there.. very well thought out.
  18. I need a couple of washers... lost one when putting on Kip's rail
  19. I just wish they would have molded in a small light rail at the three o'clock position... that way it would add functionality as well as 922r Or at least a place to mount a small rail.. like the Magpul MOE deal. Now I have to mill it down and make a spot.
  20. First off let me just say the Customer Service over at LaRue Tactical is top notch. I ordered T1 (low mount) and a Tshirt and the package arrived five days later. In the box they gave me a free "tactical beverage opener" and a bottle of thier spice rub. To me that is above and beyound. Plus their price on the T1 bundled with thier mount (no Aimpoint mount) was the best I found. Anyways.. I also ordered the new rail from Kip at Carriercomp.. it also arrived in 5 days and is a great little product. So now they are both on and I just need Kip's new charging handle and the forends from Freedom Fighter and I will be a happy camper. Two things: 1. Where can I buy a replacement conical serrated grip washer since one fell into the abyss when I was chainging out the rail. 2. Is there anyway to attach a quick-connect swivel to the M1014 collapasble stock? And some obigatory gun porn
  21. Steve1968LS2

    M4 C Stock

    I have a M1014.. where can I buy the correct recoil tube to make mine functional (when I move out of state of course)..???
  22. I thought Kip said I needed FOUR parts since I'm in CA and have a M1014 (even though it doesn't collapse)
  23. We're not always idiots here.. just mostly.. We won and they will try again..
  24. Wish they would have integrated a tiny rail section at the 3 o'clock section for a small light.. Right now I'm working on milling a flat spot onto my stocker to hold and extra Magpul rail I have. In any event, I will be buying one of these along with a charging handle and hammer from Kip..
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