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922R compliant FFT forends are now available!!!

Mr. Shotgun

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dont need one I am already 922 compliant adn this does nothing over the stock forearm. if it had a rails then maybe


i don't think anybody ever claimed that this forend added any special functionality, right? it's my understanding that the only reason this part was made was to help a LOT of people with 922 compliance issues.

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I know I'm resurrecting an old thread, but I just got my Freedom Fighter Tactical forends and am very pleased. The fit and finish are excellent, as was the customer service. They are almost exactly like the original.


Explaining to my wife why I needed to replace a perfectly good factory component with an identical aftermarket part was amusing to say the least. Being immersed in the 922R compliance issue, I forgot how Kafkaesque the whole thing is to anyone looking at it with common sense.

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