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Misfire on Remington Turkey Nitros


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Brand new Benelli Nova. No modifications other then a recoil pad.


Went to do some pattern testing for upcoming turkey season. Had a box of Remington Turkey Nitros (3") and a box of Hevi-13's (3").


The Hevi-13's would fire off each time but the 2 rounds I tried firing with the Turkey Nitros were misfires. When I looked at the primers, I didn't seem like a very big dimple compared to other shells I've shot through different shotguns. See the comparisons below.


Hevi-13 on left. Nitro on Right



This is a Win. 3" shell fired from a Mossberg 500



As you can see, the shell on the 2nd photo appears to be hit a lot harder then the Nova is hitting my shells.


Is this normal for the Nova or should I send it in?

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Very strange looking light strikes!

Did they actually fire or not, sorry I'm viewing these on my phone so not great.


The Hev-13's would fire every time (3 of 3). The Nitro's only fired once out of the 3 shells. (1 of 3).

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Did you only fire 6 shots? 1st thing id do is take it apart. Maybe there is something stopping the firing pin from extending completly and striking the primer enough to set it off.:confused:


I fired a total of 11 shots today. Ran out of time at the end of the day.


I did shoot some slugs at the 50 yard range and didn't have any misfires. I fired 5 slugs off without a problem. Then 6 of the turkey shots. (3 of each brand)

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Disassembled and noticed nothing in the way.


Going to clean it all down.


I normally disassemble everything, clean it with a toothbrush and Hoppe's cleaning solvent and then wipe that off and spray anything metal with the rem oil.


Any recommendations on this?

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what puzzles me is that it fired one brand but not the other, which makes me question if it has anything to do with the pin.


I thought that too at first, but look at the dimple on the round. Doesn't seem like a strong impact.


The mossberg was there before me, so they didn't get to try shooting the Nitros.

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I oiled and then wiped a lot of it since I did read to not over oil the gun.


This was my first shot with the Hevi-13



This was my first (and only shot) with the Nitros



These were at 40 yards w/ a Primos Jelly Head choke. I aimed at the bottom part of the neck.

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Should probably be shooting a Remington shotgun with Remington ammo.....that works every time.


Really? They make Remington ammo to work best with Remington guns?


I wouldn't think they would be that dumb and short sighted with such a simple mechanism as a shotgun.

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ERock.....which shot size of hevi-13 were you using? and did you count the pellets in a 10" circle? also whats the constriction on the jelly head choke?






No I didn't count them.


I do plan on using a bigger piece of paper next time. These are the targets I had at the time.

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