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About to install Mep Nights Sights...What do I need to know?


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They suck, they're great at night, like super low light. However, in daylight they don't have the white ring of the trijicon's. I might take mine off actually and send them off to be drilled for the trijicon's.


As for installing go pickup an iginition wrench set at sears ~17$, it has the 5.5 and the 4mm wrenches needed for the install.


I used the 5.5 on the nut, but getting the new front sight in is made a lot easier because the 4mm wrench can hold the blade in place

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The rear set of meprolights aren't meant to be bright. Ask yourself if you would like to have two bright lamps several inches from your eye in low light. The rear set do nothing but give the user a visual reference as to where the ghost rings are in the dark. The aren't meant to be used to align the 3 dots. If you try, you'll notice the rear dots blur as you focus on the set due to the proximity to your face.


I agree that the front sight would be better if it had a white ring around it. However, for 200+ dollars, no thanks. Plus the PITA in sending them your sights and waiting for the job to be done. The law of diminishing returns is in full effect here.

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A solution already exists and the market is fairly shallow for the M4. I'd be surprised if more than 20,000 were in US civilian hands. It's probably more like half that. Look how reluctant manufacturers are on producing US made parts simply for parts compliance.


If more law enforcement agencies begin carrying the shotgun, other markers might show some interest.

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