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TAC2 bolt release assembly

Kwack Wacker2

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Yeah, the site says "in stock" BUT, I've had 2 on order since the first of December last year and haven't gotten them yet. E-mails claim they're waiting for the OEM parts from Benelli. I have two of the GGG parts on other guns and I really like them. The only difference between the two is the shape of the pad itself. Otherwise, they both use the factory benelli release that they drill/tap and put the pad on.

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Looks like that's the Celtic Mist bolt release. It's a pad with a pre-tapped stock bolt-release button, so you don't have to do anything but drive a pin and screw the pad to the button. The image shown seems to make it look as though the pad is attached some other way than being scrwed to the button though, so maybe it's just a look-alike and not the CM model ...


... Anyhow, if that is the CM bolt release, I've got it. It probably isn't as good as the GGG--which I don't have first-hand experience with--because it can rotate if it isn't torqued down enough; but it is functional and I've got no complaints. Given the price difference and my financial situation, I'd still by the Celtic Mist one over the GGG.

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Ya know... if you Helicoilled the Benelli button, so that it was fully threaded, it would not be at all hard to mill a rib, instead of a neck, on the back of the bolt-on part, and a mating groove in the stock button.


No rotation. Should not be more than $25-30 more...just a wild hair.

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I spoke with a guy at GG&G today inquiring about when they would have theirs back in stock and was told not until June. Evidently they are waiting on carrier latches from Benelli. He did say that they do all the machining in house and he would be willing to modify a stock button if you sent it in. It still wouldn't be until June but you could save about $40 as that was the cost of the stock carrier latch.


I have an extra one that I am going to send them for my M4 SBS. IMHO, it is THE one to have.

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