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mossberg 935 or sbeII


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Did you really need to ask that Question on a Benelli forum?


What you should of Asked yourself, do you want the Lamborgini or the Ford Escort?


C'mon get real...Sorry if I seem rude, but I just needed to say that! There is no apples to oranges here!

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Go with the Franchi 912. Just my 2 cents. Get whatever feels good to you and what won't break the bank. If you can afford the Benelli get it, as it will more than likely perform better and last longer. Don't get me wrong Mossberg makes great guns, I've had an 835 for many years with only one trip to the gunsmith but I have since retired it after I bought the 912.

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935 vs SBE. For the money I would select the 935 for less than half the price of the SBE. Money aside, they are both excellent choices. The only complaint I would have with the 935 is that it seemed a bit unbalanced for me...being that it was too heavy up front. SBE's cost a good deal of money and like any product from a manufacturing process, coupled with a wide variety of shooting conditions and loads, variation can be an issue from gun to gun and you can have issues with any firearm no matter model of price. Read all you can on what others have to say, handle both guns in the store and in the field if you have the chance then make you choice. Good luck and be safe.

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A little late on the reply, but...


The Mossberg only cycles the 3" & 3&1/2" shells. So if you plan to shoot anything at the local range with it, the price gap will close shooting those 3" field loads.


Can't say I ever shot a 935 or ever will, but thought it was interesting.

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