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Let's Talk Benelli Safety


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Just a few illustrations for those that may want to install an over-size safety button on their Benelli's.



A few correct tools makes the task easy to do.


Also, for the Type A's, a neat tool you can make to prevent scratching your trigger group pin.


The uploader reduces the pixel density significantly so some crispness of the photos are lost.



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Okay, this time I reduced the pixel density BEFORE uploading, resulting in 85 - 90 kb images, which should be better than the 15 kb images initially....Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



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I fabricated the brass pin holder punches, as none are made commercially. Grace makes a brass roll pin punch set, but as you may well know, a brass punch driving a steel roll pin usually doesn't work.


I fabricated the forked tool. I usually make them from small screwdrivers. I find there is a commonality in gun assembly that often requires a similar type tool to get the same problem solved, i.e. simple insertion of a pin to hold a spring under compression. The trick of these situations is of course to get BOTH sides of the spring compressed while the pin is being inserted so you don't screw up the spring or get the pin located between a coil of the spring. The trick in fabricating the tool is to make it strong enough to compress the spring but thin enough to get into close tolerance spaces to do the task.


I have attached a few photos of similar assemblies to the Benelli safety spring situation.


Over the years I have compiled my own list of observations regarding tinkering with guns which some may find useful to remember.



Gunsmith Tricks and Truism’s


1. Some pins will only move one way (either trigger headed, splined, flattened on one side) but appear the same on their ends.


2. Some pins that appear to be screws on the outside are just slotted for the purpose of:

* proper external orientation of the pin internally for assembly e.g. Sig P226 locking block, left side

* turning a release cam inside e.g. 1911 magazine catch button

* act as a open-ended spring for retention e.g. Desert Eagle magazine catch button


3. A special tool is often needed and not disclosed in advance.


4. There is always a trick to make a daunting task seem easy.


5. Small parts and springs will tend to get lost – don’t forget the clear baggy trick.


6. You can never have a hard enough pin punch.


7. Penetrating oil (Kroil) is your friend.


8. Proper size gunsmith (hollow ground style) screwdriver or screw jack is a must.


9. Some parts look like they could go together in any order without making a difference….wrong.


10. Some parts can be installed completely backwards and still have the parts fit….but not work properly.


11. Never take apart a gun for the first time without a digital camera.


12. Removing pins, screws, threaded parts and wood pieces without ruining them, is 90 % of the game.


13. Some parts were never designed to be separated ….sometimes you just don’t know which ones.


14. You can never protect blued and varnished surfaces enough….tape protect non-work areas.


15. The manual you need in order to save yourself from misery is never available.


16. The screw that breaks off in the hole was the last one to be removed……and hardened.


17. If the parts don’t feel like they are not working together properly, they are not.


18. The wrong tool you thought would work usually scratches or buggers up the part.


19. An asymmetric spring without labeled ends can be a mystery.


20. The tell tale signs that your gun has been disassembled never occur on the inside.


21. The external appearance of a slotted screw gives no hint as to whether its right / left hand threaded.


22. Strike like with like; brass punch use brass hammer, steel punch use steel hammer.



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