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Surefire M80, Revision 3.


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My SFM80 rail was on back-order apparently. So, I called SF to see what the deal was (Massive LE order, production ceased, etc.). Anyway, they said that they had revised the "lip" on the metal portion to help eliminate installation errors and increase stability, and that mine would be one of the new one's, shipping in 2-3 weeks.

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I love cross-examining company claims. Anyway, the CS rep I spoke with today said the rails are still 3-4 weeks out, and was unaware of any design change, stating "we just need to make more".


Well, I got my shipping information tonight. Says it shipped and I have a tracking #.


Go figure.

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Benelli M4 Factory Handguards: 5.0 Ounces

Surefire M80 Rail System (stripped): 7.9 Ounces


The added weight shouldn't break the bank. So long as you don't add a pound of stuff to it.


Surefire's tech support is notorious for that kind of crap. Same with Brownells. I've been waiting for a PWS billet buffer for 3 months from them.

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I never had any installation problems with my M80. And it fits nice and snug. I've dealt with Surefire's customer service before with a cracked X400 lens and they replaced it with a new X400 promptly with no questions asked.

Surefire has replaced things for me, too. Their CS is EXCELLENT regarding warranty claims.

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