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What Price to ask for Benelli M4

Super M4

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I have a friend selling a used like new condition Benelli M4. Date code is [bZ] it has Coll Stock, Surefire M80 Rail, Full length tube black in color not sure of the maker, it's not the Titanium.


Also a Benelli M1 Super 90 [bB] date code, Heckler & Koch marked. It has the standard length barrel, with factory benelli extension tube, rifle sights, Tacstar side saddle and Surefire incandescent dedicated weapon light


Whats a good price to list these for?

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For the Benelli M4: If I was wanting one, I guess with all that fancy gear between 1800 low and 2200 high. Remember that everyone's preferences on accessories are different and might not be worth the purchase price to others.


I am not an expert and probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

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Based on the date codes, if i am not mistaken, the M4 was made in 2005 and the M1 in 1992. You would have to state the condition of the guns. How often were they used? If they have only a few round through them but poorly stored that would be a problem. How about you post some clear pics and a starting price and people can go from there. I have seen lots of people think they have nice weapons but heavy use and wear reduces the price. Be honest and ask yourself how much would you pay for the guns if you saw them posted for sale. Hope this helps.

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I'd return it to stock, split up the accessories. I wouldn't sell a weapon that was out of 922 compliance. What the weapon is worth requires more information. What is its condition? What model M4 is it? 11707? M1014?

excellent advice, check out gonbroker or another online auction site to get an idea for price.



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