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Trouble in M4 paradise


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I think I might have a good one here. A few months ago, I installed an aftermarket stock on my M4. It attaches by screwing into a plug at the end of the recoil spring tube. Naturally, when installing it, I used some loctite and cranked it down a bit.



Last week, I removed said screw to install a new sling plate between the stock and reciever. When I had backed the screw out, the plug (which is threaded into the end of the tube) and the recoil spring itself came out instead! I was left with the screw stuck in the plug with the stock in the middle. Long story short, to separate them, I put some MORE loctite in the recoil tube, screwed the plug in, and let it set. SO, now the plug is back in the tube, the screw is free from the stock, but the spring is still not inside.






I need to somehow get it out, get the spring in, and the whole assembly back together. I couldn't find a screwdriver large enough to fit into the two notches, so I tried making one out of a 3/4" chisel.






No, it didn't work. I even tried putting a socket and ratchet on the end. It keeps slipping out. Hopefully I didn't damage anything on the Benelli. There's also a but nut holding the whole thing onto the receiver...



SO, anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas? I'm not very mechanically inclined, so any help or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Finding the correct tool will be difficult. Carriercomp was considering fabricating some of these tools for this job. I'm not sure if that went anywhere.The only way you'll get it out is to bake the **** out of it and loosen the locktite. Also, where is the snap ring? Did the Mesa stock destroy that during removal?

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Awesome tools benelliwerks. I'd buy a tool set that was specifically made for removal of this recoil tube plug. I hate when manufacturers use non-standard tooling. I had imagined I just wasn't looking in the right place to buy an appropriate tool for disassembly.


I'm curious to know what the Benelli Armorer's course specifies to use.

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I host mine at photobucket.com for free.

The Benelli forum software reduces the size too much. When you push the add a picture button, click the add URL instead.


Before I'd flat out replace the entire recoil tube assembly, I'd go for broke and try to elongate the threaded hole so I could use a brute force attack on the plug. I'd rather replace just a 23 dollar part rather than a 105 dollar one. I'd smoke that plug with the heatgun for an hour. Randomly blast some PB Liquid Wrench on the boiling threads.


Do it outside or in a garage, it is going to smoke.


If that still doesn't work, we can assist with removal of the recoil tube as well. It's not an easy task, but it is doable. If this is a M1014 or a 11703 with the recoil tube that won't accept a collapsible stock, I'd replace the tube anyway.

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